Mobile Police Department Hosts 2nd Annual Giving Tree Lighting Ceremony

Mobile, Alabama (WKRGMore) — Although the holidays are for families, some people spend the season without loved ones because of violence.

The Mobile Police Department held its second annual Giving Tree lighting ceremony to honor those who lost their lives in violent crimes.

Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine wants the victims’ families to know they haven’t been forgotten.

“This tree represents every family in Mobile City where gun violence has happened…for those who have lost family.”

MPD provided the victims’ children with gifts and stood by their families to remind them that they were always supported.

“Obviously, we recognize that we were the first to respond,” Chief Prine said. “We are the ones investigating crime. We just want people in our community to know if you have been the victim of gun violence on mobile.We are aware of it.

Ramona Carter was one of dozens in attendance. She is Grace, her Carter’s daughter-in-law, who died in Everlasting in December last December in her Holiness Church of Her Life.

“We all want to remember our loved ones…we don’t want them to be forgotten,” Carter said. “This kind of event gives us a chance to remember them.”

Not only did Carter come to represent her mother-in-law, but she also had a billboard full of names of people who had lost their lives to violent crimes on Mobile over the years.

“Most of it is youth violent crime against each other,” Carter said. “It’s really incomprehensible. I wish there was something we could do or say to stop them, but it just seems to go on and on.”

With investigations still unresolved, Chief Paul Prine continues to urge the community to come forward with valuable information.

“If you see something, say hello. If you know something, come forward,” said Prine. “It’s time to bring our community back one street at a time.”

https://www.wkrg.com/mobile-county/mobile-police-department-hosts-2nd-annual-giving-tree-lighting-ceremony/ Mobile Police Department Hosts 2nd Annual Giving Tree Lighting Ceremony

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