Mobile City Relocates District 1 to Improve Public Safety

Mobile, AlabamaWKRG) — A new plan to deter crime as the mobile city has announced a new location in one of its police districts. The city says it will provide better service to the people who live there.

It is a vacant building now, but it will soon be the headquarters of the 1st Regional Coast Guard of the Mobile Police Station. More officers will be stationed along the Dauphin Island Parkway.

“Many citizens using DIP thought they were forgotten,” said CJ Small, a mobile city council member in the region. Everything changed on Thursday as the mayor and other city leaders announced that the police station would soon occupy an empty building near the DIP. The current precincts are in Virginia and Broad Street. The store will be closed as soon as the renovation work of the new government building is completed.

“We were housed in a facility designed for other services,” said Mayor Sandy Stimpson.

City leaders say police will be able to respond more quickly and interact more actively with the community as ward office staff move to the building.

Small says this has been a long time for the region. “Before I joined Congress, many citizens wanted to set up a police station here at Dauphin Island Parkway. And personally, I wouldn’t happen to myself, probably soon. I thought, but it would have happened earlier, “Small said.

A man living in the area stopped his car when the mayor was signing a lease on Thursday morning. When he knew what was going on, he shouted, “Thank God.”

He explained why he was relieved: I love here. They’ve been talking about it all the time, so I’m glad I left it here, “said Bobby Holly.

Crime rates are high in this area. Just last week, a man was shot dead in Nicholas Lane, and a few weeks earlier, a 17-year-old man was killed in Brill Road.

By the end of May, there were 19 murders in the mobile city this year. Five of them were in District 1, the second highest percentage in the city.

“Citizens got what they felt safer when they saw police officers entering and exiting the center of District 3,” Small said.

Holly says it feels safer to have police nearby. “Thank you for doing this,” he explained.

Also, after it is open to the public, a city security judge will be placed in the new district. The city states that construction and refurbishment must be completed by the end of the year. Mobile City Relocates District 1 to Improve Public Safety

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