Mobile City Council voted in favor of medical marijuana dispensaries

Mobile, Alabama (WKRGMore) — After nearly two hours of debate, the Mobile City Council voted in favor of allowing medical marijuana dispensaries within Mobile’s city limits, but the vote was not easy.

Many people gathered on the city council to vote for or against an ordinance that would make Mobile a city in Alabama and allow medical clinics. Some citizens hoped the council would not vote in favor.

“Use your powers wisely,” one woman told Congress before the vote.

Some, including former Mobile Mayor Mike Dow, supported the clinic.

“Many people with serious medical problems are blessed with what’s happening in the industry right now,” Dow said.

District 4 City Councilman Ben Reynolds wanted to push for a motion to postpone the vote to February because of unanswered questions about how clinics would operate within city limits. .

However, his motion was overruled and the vote was 5 to 2, with Alderman Scott Jones and Reynolds voting against.

“Mobile lost today,” said Jones. “And we won’t see it today or tomorrow. We’re starting to see a situation where it’s okay to use marijuana.”

Many opposed dispensaries going mobile due to concerns about people using marijuana recreationally.

John McMillan, executive director of the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission, said this was not intended for medical marijuana use.

“Congress has taken a very long time,” McMillan said. “And we might go to extreme lengths to make sure this is strictly regulated, that the product is safe, and that it’s only recommended for patients who meet the needs of those drugs. Hmm.”

In total, up to 37 clinics have come to Alabama. However, this vote does not mean that the clinic will come to mobile. States choose who to license, and those with licenses choose where to install.

McMillan said he hopes June 12 will be the last day to approve all license applications.

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