Mobile Business Woman Wants to Heat Republican Support in US Senate Race

Mobile, AlabamaWKRG) — We are racing for the Alabama primary. Gulf women want their experience as a small business owner to outperform the Republican US Senator candidate. Karla DuPriest works with her husband in the warm kitchen of the catering business. She also traverses the states running for the Senate.

“I am calling from God to serve the people of Alabama as the next Republican US Senator,” Dupriest said. Karla DuPriest says she wants to focus on small business issues as she has been involved in small businesses for many years.

“We need access to resources for 21st century operations and training, as well as access to federal and state contracts,” Du Priest said. She may not have the name recognition or funding power of other candidates in this crowded area, but she says she knows the struggle of those who vote on Tuesday.

“I know what it’s like to make a salary. I know what a food shortage is. Still trying to run your business and take care of your family.” Said Dupriest. She runs her business as Carla in C, and she says she changed her official name to Karla in K a few years ago. She may be her longtime candidate, but she says she focuses on the issues that are closest to the people who make the country work. .. She wouldn’t be the first small business politician to come out of West Mobile. Their catering business is next to Jheri Curl’s old business on Schillinger Road. Mobile Business Woman Wants to Heat Republican Support in US Senate Race

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