Mobile activists say gun violence remains a problem after Brownlee Street murders

Mobile, Alabama (WKRGMore) — Two men were shot while sitting in a carone of them dies.now Mobile police are investigating the latest murder.

Wendell Austin is a close friend of victim Monterey Slater, who died as a result of his injuries. Austin’s brother, Greg, was a surviving victim and he underwent multiple surgeries. Continued violence in Mobile forced local activist Nijah Hill to move out of the city. But she still wants change.

Wendell Austin is sitting in a car parked by his brother Greg and friend Monterey Slater, preparing to go out for the night, until a stranger stops them and starts an argument.

“Kind of the culprit came in and said something to Montreise,” Wendell explained. Like, we have nothing to do, and well, the guy left and came back and fired.”

It’s been a tough Easter weekend for Wendell as his brother Greg was listed as in critical condition, but Wendell said he’s doing much better than he did that night.

“You know, it was kind of hard to process. I left the hospital watching my brother. He just got through surgery,” Wendell said.

Wendell said that he was very close to Montreise, that he was a good man who never bothered anyone, and that he was quickly taken away.

“I don’t think blood could have brought us closer together,” said Wendell. Doing a lot of community service, he hosts and promotes a lot of events around the city. He was just a nice guy.”

Local activist Nija Hill lost his son Chavan to gun violence in 2021. Noticing these issues on her mobile, she founded Mothers Against Gun Violence. She may have left for safety, but she continues to change.

“This is an issue we have to deal with right now,” Hill said. “It breaks my heart every time I see another mother who was just happy.

Both Wendell and Nija are pushing people to have conversations with each other instead of picking up guns.

“If only we could stop and take a moment to figure out what the problem was and come up with a solution,” says Wendell. “The world would be a better place.”

“What I mean is that there are a lot of things that can be solved with conversation, not hate,” Hill said.

So far, the riot police have not made any arrests in this murder.

https://www.wkrg.com/mobile-county/mobile-activist-says-gun-violence-continues-to-be-a-problem-after-brownlee-street-murder/ Mobile activists say gun violence remains a problem after Brownlee Street murders

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