MIUI responds to user complaints-brings new fixes

Xiaomi Very good at updating the system, but seems to be paying all attention to China. This led to a series of complaints from global users of MIUI. Users around the world want companies to significantly change their approach to development. MIUI global versionOne of the main challenges of the .MIUI global version is a large number of bugs and errors. In addition, users around the world get simplified firmware features. Thankfully, Xiaomi didn’t ignore complaints from users around the world. The company admits that there are problems with MIUI, but it will take some time to fix them.

Besides, to calm the user’s nerves, Xiaomi Published the survey I asked the user to complain. Apparently, the company still doesn’t properly understand the needs of users around the world. However, this survey is currently inactive as it has only been open for two days (June 2nd-June 4th).MIUI is trying to solve some of the user’s concerns This is the announcement of the 499th development version update. Based on user feedback, this version of the system fixes many bugs, including crashes, UI issues, unlocking issues, and more. New versions of the system will be pushed to Xiaomi and Redmi phones in the near future.

Specifically, this update fixes the powerful acceleration and crashes that plague many Xiaomi phones. It also fixes a consistent restart issue during intense games. This issue is common in some flagship models. Also, when the user unlocks the device, they will see a black screen that takes a long time to clear. In this update, not only this issue, Anomalous unlock animation effect. For Redmi K30i 5G, fixes a bug that could cause the phone to freeze when opening or closing the application.

There are multiple issues with MIUI’s fingerprint unlock

When it comes to unlocking fingerprints, some Xiaomi phones can’t detect fingerprints when they’re hanging. In addition, when you unlock the device with fingerprint authentication, the system will automatically jump from the black screen to the lock screen. In addition, some users will notice that the screen remains black after unlocking the device. This update fixes these bugs.

Third-party apps may display incorrect animations or the fingerprint sensor may vibrate / touch off. There seem to be multiple issues with the fingerprint sensor on Xiaomi smartphones. However, this update fixes most of them.

If the user wants to participate in the MIUI development version, they need to submit the application in the Mi Community app. Applicants need to answer some questions correctly. If you pass, you will get a push for the MIUI development version.Officials said Week 499 of MIUI development version will be released in mid-June.. MIUI responds to user complaints-brings new fixes

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