Missouri Governor threatens to prosecute journalists for sharing web security flaws

Missouri Governor Mike Parson Disclosure Exploit a security flaw. according to NS Missouri Independence, Person St. Louis Post Dispatch Reporter of being a “hacker” to have boldness … report Security hole. Journalists have disclosed a flaw in the Elementary and Secondary Education web app that allows anyone to see the Social Security numbers of more than 100,000 teachers in the site’s source code, and people have said that it “confuses the state.” I interpreted it as a “political game” which means. Malicious hacking.

The governor has already referred the case to the Cole County Prosecutor, who is also investigating the Missouri Highway State Patrol.Lawyer After shipping Reporters claimed that they “did it responsibly” by sharing the flaws with the government to fix it. The lawyer also updated the person in his internet terminology. A hacker is not a reporter who seeks to enhance security by sharing publicly available information, but a person who “breaks” security with an ominous intention.

This flaw was also not recent. University of Missouri-St.Professor Shaji Khan of Louis said After shipping This type of vulnerability has been known for “at least” a decade, and it was “feeling overwhelmed” for the department to prolong these issues. Audits in 2015 and 2016 highlighted the issue of data collection in both the faculty and the school district.

No, the prosecutor will probably not prosecute. It’s a little hard to convict someone whose “hack” effectively clicks on the browser’s “View Page Source”. But this highlights a problem that is familiar to politicians who do not understand technology. It doesn’t just lead to the following embarrassment: Letter to the old CEO — Discourages responsible security disclosure and can endanger thousands of people.

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