Mississippi man admits another murder shortly before execution

Jackson, Mississippi (AP) — A man executed last month for killing a divorced wife who was admitted to another murder in Mississippi could resolve a ruthless 2007 case, the prosecution said Monday.

In front of him execution On November 17, David Neal Cox told a lawyer that he had killed his sister-in-law, Felicia Cox, in 2007, and provided detailed instructions on where investigators could find her body, Mississippi. John Weddle, a district attorney in several northern counties, said.

Weddle said David Neil Cox had long been a suspect in the disappearance of Felicia Cox.

“There is no sign that anyone other than Cox is responsible for Felicia Cox’s death,” Weddle said at a news conference.

In a news release on Monday, the state’s post-conviction state advisory office said David Neil Cox “deeply regretted and wanted to bring the closure to Felicia Cox’s family.”

Weddle did not reveal where Cox provided it, but said it was in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, where Felicia Cox was last seen. He said investigators were preparing to begin recovery efforts. Archeology and anthropologists at Mississippi State University are waiting to help if the remains are found, Weddle said.

“I would like to emphasize that finding the body of Felicia Cox is not a natural conclusion,” the district attorney added. “I hope the information is accurate and the recovery efforts will be successful so that the Felicia family can give her the proper burial.”

Felicia Cox’s daughter, Amber Miskelly, attended a press conference and stood next to her husband. She was silent while Weddle was speaking, but wiped her tears. Miss Kelly was just 18 years old when her mother went missing.

Felicia Cox, then 40, was last seen visiting her sister-in-law, Kim Kirk Cox, in Pontoc in July 2007. Kim Kirk Cox, who married David Neil Cox, was killed by him in May 2010. He was executed for the crime.

David Neil Cox, 50, was a prisoner executed in Mississippi for the first time in nine years. Prior to the execution, he abandoned all appeals and filed court documents claiming himself to be “deathful” before the State Supreme Court set an execution date.

Cox pleaded guilty to murder in 2012, alleging that Kim Kirk Cox was shot dead in May 2010. He also pleaded guilty to several other charges, including sexual assault. The jury sentenced him to death.

Cox disclosed his sister-in-law to a lawyer in late October and relinquished his lawyer and client privileges after his death, Weddle said. According to the district attorney, this information was submitted to Weddle’s office two days after Cox’s execution. Mississippi man admits another murder shortly before execution

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