Missing: What happened to the Dylan Round of a teenage farmer?

Salt Lake City (KTVX) — Immediately after graduating from high school Dylan round He set out to complete his plan. He wanted to cultivate his land.

And that’s what he was suddenly doing along the border between Nevada and Utah Had disappeared..

“This started on Monday, May 30th, and I found that no one had seen my son for a couple of days,” said her mother, Candy Coolie.

For the past year, Round has lived in his proprietary RV camper van in Box Elder County along the Nevada-Utah border.

“Dylan is working on tearing the ground and preparing crops at this farm in Utah,” Coolie said. “This year was going to be his first harvest. The farm was his lifetime.”

On Memorial Day weekend, his Aidaho family traveled to the farm after failing to contact him. The place was abandoned.

“We were looking everywhere,” Coolie said. “Search and rescue took place that first weekend and we found his boots.”

His mother said the boots were a bit off his RV camper and were the only pair he owned.

“At that point, it should have been treated as a foul play,” Coolie thought. “I never see someone’s boots gone in the desert.”

To Sheriff Box Elder County Sheriff Facebook On the page, they considered it a “missing person case.” They receive hints and continue to “search the Lucin (nearby town) area”.

According to the sheriff’s post, his pickup truck was found in his property and he is believed to be on foot.

Private detective Jason Jensen is also investigating the case. He told NewsNation during a live stream on Wednesday night that the track was suspicious.

Coolie said it seemed unmoved and caused more suspicion, despite the recent rain before his disappearance.

“It’s like they’ve never moved in the rain or taken everywhere on Saturday, as they initially thought,” she said.

On Wednesday, he spoke to the mother of a man walking barefoot along the road, before he was last seen in nearby Lucin.

“He said,’I can’t believe this guy who jumped out of the desert,'” Coolie said. “He was bloody and didn’t wear shoes. He wanted to ride. I didn’t let him ride.”

In Lucin, the family learned the identity of a man. But she said the man voluntarily called her and didn’t know where her round was.

However, Jensen believes the act itself is suspicious.

“Someone reaches out because they are innocent or trying to abandon the path to them,” Jensen told NewsNation’s live stream.

Coolie said the man claimed to have an alibi. She gave the sheriff a name and I don’t know if he was cleared. She is not sure if the authorities feel the same.

Search and rescue teams from both Box Elder County and nearby Nevada continue to search the area. But there are no signs of him yet.

“He was very excited when I talked to him on Thursday,” Coolie recalled. “He said my grain is growing and it’s approaching. I’m going to get the crop this year.” (He) just ecstatic, high in the world, and (and) It just disappeared, not a trace. “

Coolie said he found at least three people of interest on his own. The two were former employees of the round. She transferred her name to the sheriff’s office.

Meanwhile, the family has a $ 20,000 reward for any information that can help resolve where the Dylan Round is. If you have the information, you will be asked to call 208-604-3838 or 208-604-3839.

NewsNation contributed to this report. Missing: What happened to the Dylan Round of a teenage farmer?

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