Miso Robotics Makes Flippy Kitchen Robots Faster and Autonomous

2020, Miso Robotics Alliance Along with White Castle, you fly a kitchen robot that can cook sliders called Flippy. Select a location.. Now, thanks to the data collected from the pilots and employee feedback, Miso was able to create a new version of the machine called Flippy 2. It runs faster and does not require human intervention.Apparently one of the main ones miso What I learned from the pilot was that I still needed human assistance on both sides during the operation. Basket management is not automated, so human employees need to help load uncooked products and unload cooked food in the storage area.

Miso designed the “AutoBin” system for Flippy 2. This solves this problem, especially for small amounts of specialty foods such as onion rings and chicken tenders. The machine’s AI vision automatically identifies the ingredients used, puts them in the appropriate frying baskets, and then puts the cooked food in the storage area. The company says its closed-loop system can increase kitchen throughput by about 60 baskets per hour.

In addition to that upgrade, Flippy2 takes up less space than previous versions. It occupies less of the kitchen aisle, is a bit shorter, and has less overall surface that needs cleaning.After piloting with White Castle, miso upgrade The original Flippy with more features, such as the ability to adjust the queue so that all of the orders finish cooking at the same time. However, basket management has never been an automated process.

Mike Bell, CEO of Miso Robotics, said in a statement:

“Flippy2 reduces kitchen space and dramatically increases production with the ability to fill, empty and return new baskets. Since the founding of Flippy, our goal has been to be in harmony with any kitchen. It was to provide a customizable solution that worked and could work uninterrupted. Flippy 2 has more than 120 configurations built into its technology and is the only robot fly station currently in production on a large scale. is.”

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