Midea Group has 12 products with 7 categories of HarmonyOS.

Huawei Have been working on Har Men OS It has long been known as HongmengOS in China. This system is very similar to Android for obvious reasons, but quite different from Android. The success of HarmonyOS depends on the collaboration between Huawei and other brands. Chinese brands with strong ties to HarmonyOS Aesthetic groupInvestors recently asked aesthetic management if the company will support HarmonyOS in the future.

Midea Group replied that Midea and HarmonyOS are already actively working together. As of the end of December 2020, Aesthetics is providing users with higher value-added services and cross-scenario experiences through ecological cooperation. According to the company, the company’s HarmonyOS-enabled devices fall into seven different categories. Midea also revealed that it currently has 12 products with Huawei’s HarmonyOS.

Midea Group claims that users can distribute Midea appliances in 3 seconds using smartphones running HarmonyOS. Devices such as dishwashers, electric water heaters, gas water heaters, water purifiers, and smart stoves can be controlled by HarmonyOS.

World’s first HarmonyOS refrigerator

Interestingly, the world’s first refrigerator with HarmonyOS is the Midea refrigerator. This refrigerator has a special zero degree space to maintain the taste and nutrition of ready-to-eat meat. This makes the meat tender and easy to cut without the need for a time-consuming thawing process. In addition, there is a dedicated humidity control space inside the box, and you can adjust the two modes of high humidity and low humidity according to the food. Due to the high humidity, the freshness of fruits and vegetables lasts a long time. However, low humidity preserves dried fruits and tea leaves.

Aesthetic refrigerator

According to the company, the total capacity of this refrigerator is 603 liters. The capacity of the freezer is 194 liters, while the capacity of the refrigerator is 382 liters. It also has China’s new standard level 1 energy efficiency. With an inverter compressor, energy efficiency is as low as 0.88kWh per day. In addition, the noise level is very low at 38 dB.

Currently, Huawei Mall has a column for “Harmony OS”. The first product of “Harmony OS” is 24 products. In addition, nine products equipped with HarmonyOS are listed on the page in an easy-to-understand manner. Brands include Joyoung, Midea, Fangtai and Supor. At a press conference on June 2, Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei’s consumer business software division, claims that many popular manufacturers will join the HarmonyOS ecosystem. China Mobile, Skyworth, 360, Boss Appliances and more will join the ecosystem. Today, the HarmonyOS ecological chain has more than 300 application and service partners, more than 1,000 hardware partners, and more than 500,000 developers. Midea Group has 12 products with 7 categories of HarmonyOS.

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