Microsoft previews Graph API proxy for developers

With the Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy, the software giant offers a command line tool aimed at providing a better way to test applications that use Microsoft Graph.

The Graph Developer Proxy, currently in developer preview, allows developers to mock Graph API responses and simulate Graph API errors on their local machine. Identify and fix code issues early in the development cycle. The current preview focuses on error simulation for Microsoft Graph and other APIs and providing contextual guidance to improve application performance.

The latest preview release, version 0.3, published on January 4th, Download from GitHub. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It’s a good idea to check if your app handles API errors gracefully. The Microsoft Graph API provides access to data and insights from Microsoft 365 applications.

By extending the request to Microsoft Graph using $select Query parameters allow developers to limit the data returned by Microsoft Graph to just what their application needs, speeding up API responses. The Graph Developer Proxy ensures that requests to the Graph API are $select Provides a link to guidance with detailed information on using parameters. $select parameters.

In the future, Microsoft will refactor the Graph Developer Proxy to make it more modular to make features easier to maintain and provide opportunities for developer-driven plugin support in certain scenarios. Future plans are to improve the readability of proxy output, investigate how to understand the beta endpoints used by applications, and upgrade these to the version 1.0 end that is supported in production. I am also asking to be able to use points.

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