Microsoft Launches Apple Community for IT Admins

Apple founder Steve Jobs i loved bob dylanWHO sang“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.” Microsoft seems to have heeded Dylan’s advice, launching the Apple tech community for IT professionals.

Welcome to Microsoft Mac Administrator

This move steady growth Macs are used throughout the enterprise, especially in the United States. Apple has done what everyone once thought impossible, and its platform is now 40% of enterprise PC deployments.

At the same time, Microsoft has worked hard to ensure that its solutions remain relevant across all platforms and, under its CEO, has made great strides toward today’s heterogeneous computing environment. Satya Nadella.

In some ways, Microsoft’s new Mac community reflects these winds of change.

Microsoft on corporate Macs

Arnab Biswas, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Intune Announcing new Mac forums in a blog post.

“We had the idea to create this community based on feedback from many organizations that have adopted Microsoft 365 products, including Microsoft Intune, to manage Macs within their enterprise,” he said. I am writing.

While the company stresses that the community isn’t meant to replace official product support, Microsoft calls the feature “a passion and knowledge of using Microsoft products on Apple Mac devices within the enterprise.” He explained that it was a space for professionals.

The move reflects IT departments’ use of Microsoft Intune, Exchange, and the company’s other products as part of their operations. Apple managed stack.the best Third party MDM providerAlready integrated, such as Jamf Solutions provided by Microsoft.

macOS Management Sees Incredible Growth

The general reality is Apple’s corporate presence. keep growing, there is also growing demand to use Microsoft management solutions such as Intune on its platform. This is beneficial to all parties, especially in mixed computing and legacy environments.

“Mac management is a focus of Microsoft 365, demonstrated in the macOS features it offers, and we continue to see tremendous growth and customer interest in macOS management. We wanted to provide a platform where you could show off, exchange tips and tricks, and collaborate with other Microsoft 365 or Intune administrators around the world,” Biswas wrote.

Who can participate and what can I get?

Communities are available to anyone with a Microsoft 365 account. Like the strong Mac admin community on Slack, you can ask, answer, provide feedback, and participate in discussions related to Microsoft 365 on Mac.

The community also provides an archive of past posts, comments and advice. Forums are moderated by Microsoft staff.

To join our community, just send us an email MacAdmins@microsoft.com Enter your Microsoft 365 email address.By signing up, technical professionals can: explore the page here.

in the background

Employee choice is an increasingly important factor in technology adoption. Some of the world’s largest companies understand that as work becomes more dependent on technology, the technology of choice will become the employee experience.

Workers don’t want to live like Jetsons at home and Flintstones at work. They want to use the best technology available to get their jobs done, and employers want to keep them.

Given a choice, Employees overwhelmingly prefer Macs. Earlier this year, Cisco admitted that two-thirds of his employees would use a Mac at work if given the choice. As of early 2023, Cisco had approximately 56,000 Macs in use alongside his 68,000 Windows PCs.

There is little doubt that the company’s use of Macs will continue to grow as technology upgrades. Given the choice, 24% of existing Windows-using employees would switch to Macs, Cisco said. It’s not the only large enterprise customer making a rapid move to the Mac.

Microsoft clearly understands this, and while the consumer PC business remains important to the company, services and infrastructure are the main drivers of growth today.

The new Microsoft Community for Mac Admins is ample proof of that.

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