Microsoft is probably working on building its own processor

According to some sources Microsoft It seems that they have started building their own system-on-chip (SoC). This is indicated by an updated list of vacant seats in the company showing the location of the Chief Architect of SoCs in the Surface division. The post shows the qualifications required for employment and some responsibilities.

Despite the announcement, there was no official information about Microsoft’s plans to develop its own processor. This is just an assumption and may not match the actual plan of the software giant. However, developing the processor in-house can be a big step for Microsoft. Apple’s example of exceptional success with iPhone and iPad processors is a good benchmark.

“Are you passionate about creating cool gadgets and technologies? The Surface team sheds light on Microsoft’s experience with next-generation devices. Our strategy is to bring productivity and mobility to new experiences. It’s about allowing people and organizations to unleash their creativity and unleash their creativity in combination with the devices they create, “Microsoft said in a statement.

The announcement also mentions that the entire SoC Architecture division is responsible for defining the characteristics and functionality of the SoCs used in the Surface family. This announcement may also mean that Microsoft is looking for an employee to oversee the development of custom processors for Surface devices rather than their own SoCs.

Microsoft has fixed a performance issue with AMD processors in Windows 11

Microsoft has released another test build of Windows 11, 2200.282 (KB5006746) to Beta Channel Insider. In it, the developers fixed many known bugs. The main one is related to the AMD processor, which became known earlier this month. The update shows that the developer has fixed an issue with the L3 cache. This affected the performance of AMD Ryzen devices after upgrading to Windows 11.

Recall that the issue was discovered after the distribution of Windows 11 began. This reduces the performance of applications on computers with AMD chips by 3-5%. In the game, you may see a drop of up to 15%. The developer seems to have been able to resolve the issue quickly. And by the end of the month, this fix will be available on devices running a stable version of Windows 11.

The developer has also fixed many other bugs. Fixed an issue where the Start Menu might not work properly and the updated design of the taskbar might not be displayed. Fixed a bug that could cause BSOD in the early stages of OS booting. Addresses an issue in which the Windows Management Instrumentation host process fails as a result of an unhandled access violation when using the required state configuration. Fixed an issue when writing data to WMI storage when the device did not have enough available memory. Microsoft is probably working on building its own processor

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