Microsoft is developing Surface Duo 2 – Report

The Surface Duo may not have swept the world, but it hasn’t stopped Microsoft from making the next plan. Windows Central The source is believable.

This site is Surface Duo 2The codename “Zeta” will be released later this year, probably in September or October. Importantly, this fixes a slightly outdated internal spec that made the original Surface Duo feel somewhat expensive. Released in the UK in February late..

According to the sources cited, the Surface Duo 2 will ship with the “latest flagship SoC of 2021.” Best android phone Around Samsung Galaxy S21 UltraHowever, you will also be able to connect to 5G networks.

The report also claims that the Surface Duo 2 is now equipped with NFC to enable wireless payments as well as “an external camera system with bumps for better photography.” Perhaps due to the thinner bezel, the screen will be slightly larger, leading to a “slimer fit and finish”.

If you’re not interested in the style of the original Surface Duo, don’t get too excited. The report states that changes in shape and size are “almost unnoticed unless Duo 1s are compared side-by-side.”

We have contacted Microsoft for this report and will update this article as soon as we receive a reply from Microsoft.

Are you lucky the second time?

As Deputy Editor-in-Chief Written by Max Parker When it was released in the UK, the original Surface Duo was ultimately an obsolete device even before it arrived.Compare with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2Launched in the United States at a similar time, the Surface Duo with two different clamshell screens felt awkward and underpowered with dual-screen software that wasn’t ready for showtime.

The features that may have been outlined above solve some problems – it’s certainly easy to justify paying four digits for a phone with the best internal structure. The same resistance as the original.

That said, there may still be a market for such dual-screen productivity devices, and the potential is clear. When the device was first announced, Microsoft Panos Panay actually talked about the benefits of two screens instead of one foldable screen. Said. “But it has to be elegant.”

Elegance is probably the gap that the Surface Duo has to fill, but there are signs that the software is reaching it. Surface Duo’s Xbox Game Pass app now supports gamepads on the bottom screenFeels like, for example, the Nintendo 3DS. If Microsoft finds a similar use case overall, the Surface Duo may still have a lifetime. Microsoft is developing Surface Duo 2 – Report

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