Microsoft ends free trial of Windows 365 after “incredible reaction”

Microsoft has stopped free trials of Windows 365 following its launch earlier this week and told customers that it has reached capacity due to “significant demand.”

Users considering purchasing a Windows 365 plan can continue to purchase, but users interested in a free trial can sign up and be notified when they resume.

Scott Manchester, Microsoft’s Director of Program Management, said in a tweet:

According to vendors, Windows 365 has created a “new hybrid personal computing category called cloud PCs” that allows users to stream Windows 10 and Windows 11 to any device when they launch later this year.

Built in response to the growing hybrid work, Microsoft claims it will make it easier for employees to work away from the office.

Windows 365 is currently only available to businesses. Prices start at $ 20 per month for basic membership and increase to $ 158 per month for premium plans.

And partners involved in product testing I believe it brings new opportunities to the channel.. Microsoft ends free trial of Windows 365 after “incredible reaction”

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