Microsoft Acquires Process Mining Scale-up Minit

Microsoft has signed an agreement to acquire the process mining technology company Minute.

The technology giant confirmed the acquisition in a statement, saying, “We will enable Microsoft to further help customers drive digital transformation and operational excellence.”

Microsoft argues that Minit helps businesses gain insights into how processes run, uncover the root causes of operational challenges, and mitigate the consequences of unwanted processes.

Founded in 2017, this technology scale-up has offices in Amsterdam, London, Bratislava and New York.

Justin Graham, General Manager of Process Insights at Microsoft, said: ..

“Customers will be able to better understand process data, reveal what real operations look like, drive process standardization and improvement across the organization, and ensure compliance at every step. . “

James Dening, CEO of Minit, said: ..

“We want to reassure everyone that our level of support and customer engagement remains the same.”

Details of the transaction have not yet been disclosed. Microsoft Acquires Process Mining Scale-up Minit

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