Mick Elliott Wins 1st Annual Roy Atterbury Award

Adam Fletcher, third president of ECSN afdec, presents the inaugural Roy Atterbury Award for Outstanding Achievement to Editor Mick Elliott.

Originally a public relations professional, Roy Atterbury was in regular contact with all editors and journalists in the electronics industry. After many years of successful freelance writing, Roy eventually became the current editor of Component in Electronics magazine.

Recognizing that the rapidly growing electronics industry needed some adjustment, Roy worked with UK electronic component industry leaders to create a network of franchised distributors and the electronic component manufacturers they serve. Considered the establishment of an industry group representing

This was backed by industry leaders who also acted as guarantors.

Alongside his editorial work, Roy also served as the first president of afdec, a position he held for nearly 20 years.

“I first met Roy in 2005 and we instantly liked each other and quickly became good friends and colleagues. , could best be described as having a real idea of ​​what he wanted to achieve, all of which are similar qualities that Mick Elliott exhibits,” commented Fletcher.

The Roy Atterbury Prize is awarded on an ad hoc basis to an individual for outstanding achievement, and “Mick Elliott was unanimously confirmed as the first recipient.”

Karen Mascarenhas was on hand to present the first prize to Mick. Mick also received a gift from his ECSN association. And finally, Brian Harding of PR and Marketing Consulting gave Mick a final gift.

Upon receiving the award, Mick Elliott said, “Thank you to Adam and all of the ECSN afdec alumni. It is truly an honor and honor to receive this first award, especially for Roy Atterbury’s contribution to ECSN afdec. Because it is something to do.” commented.

To watch the full award presentation, click the video below.

https://www.wnie.online/mick-elliott-receives-inaugural-roy-atterbury-award/ Mick Elliott Wins 1st Annual Roy Atterbury Award

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