Mexico says salmonella, pneumonia kills pigs

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Mexican officials said Friday when experts determined that the December pig death at a local slaughterhouse was not due to African swine fever, but to the common infectious diseases Salmonella and pasteurellosis. , Sighed with relief.

Mexican Agriculture Department 220 pigs were killed as a precautionary measure at a slaughterhouse on the Pacific coast of Nayarit.

Experts said they also detected mycoplasma pneumonia, a common lung disease in pigs.

The pigs began to die around Christmas and were buried in holes to prevent further contamination. Food chain..

It was determined that pigs were free of swine flu and African swine fever, which could sometimes infect humans. African swine fever can cause enormous losses and force the culling of the entire herd. Detected in parts of China and Europe.

German farm to dispose of 4,000 pigs after classical swine fever is detected

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