Meta faces a $ 3.1 billion proceeding in the UK over misusing user data

London, January 14: Meta (formerly Facebook) faces a $ 3.1 billion class proceeding in the UK for exploiting its market advantage, and if the proceedings are successful, each UK Facebook user will be paid $ 68 each. There is a possibility.

Competition law expert Dr. Liza Lovdar Gormsen has filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook’s parent company Meta in a British competition court, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

The proceedings allege that Facebook should pay compensation to 44 million UK users for data misuse between 2015 and 2019. Twitter, Meta among the tech giants summoned by the January 6th panel.

“This allowed the company to make billions of dollars in revenue from the data, but it was alleged that users did not receive any monetary gain, and this claim was labeled as an” unfair transaction. ” “There is,” the report said.

The proceedings alleged that Facebook earned billions of dollars “by imposing unfair conditions that require consumers to give up valuable personal data in order to access the network.”

“Facebook has become the only social network in the UK in the 17 years since it was created, ensuring that you can connect with friends and family in one place,” Gomsen said in a statement. ..

“But there was a dark side to Facebook. Facebook abused its market advantage, imposing unfair conditions on ordinary British people and empowering them to misuse personal data. Initiating a lawsuit to secure billions of pounds of damage. 44 million British people whose data was misused by Facebook, “she elaborated.

Dr. Gormsen is a Senior Research Fellow at the British Institute for International Comparative Law (BIICL) and Director of the Competition Law Forum.

The proceedings alleged that Facebook could impose terms of use on users in the United Kingdom, allowing this data collection due to market dominance.

This allegation has been filed in London under the Consumer Act 2015.

In response to the proceedings, a Meta spokesman said people would have free access to our services.

“They choose our services because they provide value to them and give them meaningful control over who they share with and what information they share on the Meta platform. We do what they do. We have made a significant investment to create a tool that enables us, “added a spokeswoman for the company.

The proceedings in the United Kingdom came after Facebook lost its attempt to file an antitrust proceeding in the United States by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) this week.

A federal judge has ruled that the US competition watch agency FTC can proceed with a catastrophic proceeding against Facebook owners.

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