Meet Rocky, your robotic pet companion

If you’re the best fur parent like me, you’ve probably wanted to know what your furry friends are up to when you’re away.

You might even want to give them a treat while you’re gone because you know they’re so cute.

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Well, now you can. RockyThe 3-in-1 Pet Companion Robot is equipped with a 1080p HD camera, treat dispenser, laser pointer attachment and feather attachment so you can monitor and interact with your pet even when you are away.

To use Rocki, download the Rocki Robot app, connect your robot to an internet connection and start playing with one or more pets. Simple and intuitive, the camera view is impressive. No matter how bright or dark your home is, Rocki’s 1080p camera will always give you a sharp image.

Rocki’s app uses on-screen buttons to control the robot, similar to the joystick settings on your gaming device. The fun starts here. My cat loves Rocky and will be right next to him when he hears him running around, but my German Shepherd doesn’t mind Rocky so he often drives around the house looking for him.

This robot can move anywhere in your house.

A cat under a table flanked by directional controls

This is the view inside the Rocki Robot app. You can see the control panel, treat dispenser options, and grumpy cat.

Beth Moder/ZDNET

And, of course, the treat dispenser is a pet favorite in this house. Stuff Rocky with small dry treats, then use the app to let the robot dispense whatever you want. We used small cat treats during our test period and it worked really well.

My second favorite was the laser pointer attachment. We drove Rocky and saw both a cat and a German Shorthaired Pointer (my other dog) freak out on it. They liked this attachment so much that they rarely used the feather attachment.

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My only disappointment with the Rocki is the battery life. I can only charge it for about 2 days and it’s annoying to remember to charge it often. After all, my pet has been playing with it for two days and is dead for a week before I remember to charge it again before leaving the house.


of Rocky The Pet Companion Robot works very well and is my pet’s favorite device in my home. The app is easy to use, the robot navigates around the house without issue, and the attachments are fun and engaging for your furry friend. If you’re someone who can handle low battery life situations, this might be the perfect device for you.

https://www.zdnet.com/article/meet-rocki-the-robot-pet-companion/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 Meet Rocky, your robotic pet companion

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