McDonald’s has a clever way to get you to eat more burgers (it’s not technology).

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Have you been eating fast food a little more often lately?

technically incorrect

did you rely more McDonald’s Is it because it looks more convenient than ever?

Pull out your phone, tap the app a few times, and your food is instantly delivered to your door or your friendly neighborhood McDonald’s restaurant.

And then there are app-based loyalty programs that make you want more and more to get more.

It’s American style.

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has contributed to a shift in habits.Technology-based ordering, in some ways, seemed like the best thing many humans could do.

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As such, it was expected that McDonald’s revenue would increase. Especially since, given the inflationary era, prices have also increased.

Still, seeing same-store sales increase by more than 10% may have inspired McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski to increasingly celebrate the glory of technology.

The wonders of having a robot We accept your orderHow happy I am to have such a McDonald’s open! Characterized by no human staff that you can see right away.

Oddly enough, at least for some, Kempczinski claims something else was actually at the center of everything.

On the company’s fourth-quarter conference call, Kempczinski provided a clarification worth considering. As a QSR magazine reportKempzinski believes McDonald’s doesn’t sell hamburgers or fries at all. Instead, it sells brands that allow franchisees and operators to sell hamburgers and fries.

For many people, it can be difficult to get a complete picture of a brand, especially in the world of technology. Or simply nauseating, airy claptraps that represent distortions of reality.

After all, Google and Facebook aren’t all that big thanks to the sheer level of launch advertising.

But humans are inherently emotional. Those feelings are capricious. Getting your brand right means creating a certain atmosphere in and around your brand that people are drawn to. Some might say that there is no obvious reason at all.

Of course, this sort of thing feels like an abomination to anyone who believes in rationality, function, and crude powerful tactics. (Hi Bill Gates. How are you?)

To make matters worse, creating and growing a successful brand can be such an imprecise task. , we often don’t know if it’s right or not.

But Kempzynski puts it very simply:

he gave an example.Recently, McDonald’s campaign started It’s Kempzynski’s words“We never show our food, we never show our restaurants, we never mention our brand names.”

This looks less insane and more genuinely insane.

But Kempczinski says the campaign, which simply raises an eyebrow to show people in the office that they “like McDonald’s,” has already been adopted in 30 markets around the world.

Not all companies are ready to create a brand for their products.

There is a belief in some technology-based companies that real sales still require data-driven brute-force tactics.

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But especially if your company and brand are unknown, those tactics are very clever, well-timed, and should win. Otherwise, it will become a nuisance. In fact, as real people often observe, they are not just annoying, they are counterproductive.

Also, it doesn’t always take money to create an attractive brand. Well, not too many. It takes some kind of creative faith and, quite frankly, a finger or two crossed.

McDonald’s is now in a very different space and time. That doesn’t mean that everything in that world is extremely beautiful.

There is unrest among some franchisees. Some complain about increased overhead.

However, using technology to improve the customer experience continues to contribute to a company’s bottom line. But without an emotional layer of emotion, reputation, and an understanding of inherently human triggers, McDonald’s wouldn’t be able to sell that many burgers.

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All very similar, just like Apple doesn’t sell very many iPhones.

However, I refrain from saying too much, Latest research on the effects of fast food on the human body.

https://www.zdnet.com/article/mcdonalds-has-a-clever-way-of-making-you-eat-more-burgers-its-not-the-technology/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 McDonald’s has a clever way to get you to eat more burgers (it’s not technology).

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