“Maybe I’ll die without Louane”: Amazon driver rescues baby and parents from a Colorado fire

Superior Colorado (KDVR) – If Mary Stanley’s husband hadn’t bought a bike pump on Amazon, he might have encountered another fate on Thursday. Marshall Fire Torn their community.

The family car’s battery was dead, so Stanley’s husband ordered a bicycle pump so that he could move by bicycle.

Like many parents with four-month-old babies, naps can become a staple of survival. The family woke up around 11:12 am on Thursday. It was then that Stanley smelled of smoke. They went out and saw the flames and realized that they had to leave immediately.

After collecting some things, they tried to find a neighbor who might be able to help, but everyone left.

They didn’t know how to get out of the path of fire, but then a delivery driver named Louane arrived to deliver the bicycle pump.

“Without Louane, we might have been dead,” Stanley said. “She was the grace of our salvation. The little angel at the moment we needed her.”

Louane asked the couple if they needed help as the Stanley family was outside the gate in a crazy wind and a nearby shopping center was already on fire.

“I don’t really think we did it because it was happening so fast, it was like that, and the gusts were so strong. My husband stayed upright and everything we did. I had a hard time getting it in the van, “Stanley said.

Stanley had to stand in a delivery van with her baby to get out of the wind.

“She (Louane) was actually pretty calm and offered to help, put us in a van, supported us sideways, and dropped us off at the nearest community center,” Stanley said.

The aerial video shows that Stanley’s house is gone. They now have a picture of where the house stood.

“It’s no longer there, it’s just a big pile of ashes,” Stanley said.

The family waited at the community center until a friend picked them up, took them to Mary’s mother-in-law’s house, and stayed last night.

“We don’t know what the next plan is, you know, we just lost our home,” Stanley said. “We are more concerned about our neighbors than our homes, because we know they are people, not home builders. And we’re glad we got out safely.” “Maybe I’ll die without Louane”: Amazon driver rescues baby and parents from a Colorado fire

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