MAWSS employee befriends dog and brings ‘get well soon’ toy

Mobile, Alabama (WKRGMore) — Mobile area water and wastewater service workers are rarely seen playing with their puppies while completing work tasks. Until recently, it was a normal occurrence for Ashley Brazel and her family.

brazel is post to facebook On November 21st, they celebrated the man they know as “John.” According to the post, John was his MAWSS technician fixing a storm drain near his home. Tucker, the Golden Retriever of the Brazel family, befriends a MAWSS employee.

“Every time he went to work in our area, he gifted Tucker with a tennis ball (his absolute favorite toy) and they played fetch,” read Brazel’s post.

According to Brazell, John recently got a promotion and the family hadn’t seen each other in a while until a few weeks ago. John and another employee showed up to work every time he came to the door, knocking on his four-legged friend to check in.

The post continued, “John learned that Tucker was very ill that day and that old age had hit him hard and fast. Tucker could no longer play fetch like he used to.” It is difficult to walk and stand.”

Tucker with a toy and a birthday note from John.

The two chatted for a while about his age and upcoming birthday before John went back to work. An hour later, John returned, this time with a gift for Tucker to celebrate his last birthday.

Brazell ended the post with thanks to John. “I don’t know his last name or his new position within MAWSS, but he definitely deserves recognition.”

A man and a dog who become friends will remain in each other’s hearts forever. Happy birthday, Tucker.

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https://www.wkrg.com/mobile-county/mawss-employee-makes-unlikely-friend-in-dog-brings-him-get-well-soon-toy/ MAWSS employee befriends dog and brings ‘get well soon’ toy

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