Martlet Capital, Cambridge’s early deep tech investor, raises £ 12m to invest in high-growth start-ups

Based in Cambridge Martlet Capital In the early stages Deep tech An investor who has supported more than 60 startups with high growth potential. Today, EMV Capital (EMVC), which focuses on London-based pan-European investors B2B companies, announced that it has invested £ 1 million in Martlet Capital with leading private offices and other investors Saranac Partners. Did.

Eyes to expand its portfolio

With this investment, Martlet Capital will complete the acquisition of more than 50 minority positions from the Marshall Group, including clean technology sustainability, healthcare, life sciences, industry and semiconductor technology companies. The overall target investment is £ 22m, providing great power for new and follow-up investments in Martlet Capital.

In addition, the transaction included a proposal to create a subsequent funding instrument, MarQuity, shared 40% by EMV Capital with Saranac Partners and Martlet to provide scale-up capital from the portfolio to eligible companies. increase. EMV Capital plans to make a £ 100,000 seed investment in MarQuity. We plan to offer MarQuity a credit line of up to £ 1m to provide a substantive and effective response to market opportunities.

The investment is supported by EMV Capital’s parent company, AIM-listed Net Scientific PLC. Net Scientific CEO and EMV Capital MD Dr. Ilian Illiev will play a leading role in structuring transactions and will join the Board of Directors of Martlet Capital and MarQuity as non-executive directors.

He states: “This investment represents a significant step forward in EMV Capital’s growth path through expanding our footprint, increasing our new high-quality trading flow channels, increasing our advisory capital, and developing additional opportunities to deploy our Capital Light investment model. We are pleased to work with Martlet Capital and Saranac Partners to build our own proposals at the world’s leading Cambridge cluster. A combination of Matlett’s early investment focus and existing networks. EMV Capital and Saranac Partners Subsequent investment support through MarQuity. And access to international growth opportunities provides a unique platform for nurturing the next set of champions emerging from Cambridge. “

Robert Marshall, CEO of Martlet Capital, said: “Martlet seeks to establish itself as an important seed stage investor in Cambridge’s deep tech startup ecosystem. Our longstanding relationship with our outstanding team with the University of Cambridge and the local technology and investment community has helped us. Aims to be selected as a seed stage financing partner. With the support and partnership between EMV and Saranac, the ability to invest in deeper tech companies has been significantly improved and the MarQuity fund will be followed by Saranac / EMV. With the addition of, you can now see these companies from start to finish. “

Robert Crowter-Jones of Saranac Partners said: “Saranac Partners was founded to give individual investors access to their own investment opportunities and ecosystem. Martlet Capital’s team and portfolio are very much within the intellectual property born of the Cambridge cluster. We believe that we will create an exciting platform and become a natural hub for new technologies, entrepreneurs and investors. “ Martlet Capital, Cambridge’s early deep tech investor, raises £ 12m to invest in high-growth start-ups

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