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Senator Mark Kelly (D-Arizona) is one of the hottest frontiers in this year’s midterm race, defeating Republican Blake Masters and moving the Democrats one step closer to securing a majority to secure re-election to the Senate. predicted to win.

Kelley, who is coming to the end of the last two years of the late Senator John McCain (Republican), has been steadily leading the Masters, a protégé of PayPal founder Peter Thiel, since the primaries in early August. However, his lead has shrunk in the last few weeks. .

Senator Mark Kelly (D-Arizona) was predicted to win the Senate election against Republican Blake Masters in one of the biggest battlegrounds of this election cycle. (Greg Nash)

His eventual victory will be key to awaiting the results of the Senate elections in Nevada, where Democrats have similarly gone through a protracted tallying process, and Georgia, which advanced to the December 6 runoff vote. , signifying the loss of one of the most high-profile candidates promoted by former President Trump.

A retired astronaut and husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona), Kelly was fueled by a huge fundraising force. Kelly raised more than $80 million for the election, according to the final financial snapshot of his campaign, which she submitted to the Federal Election Commission on Oct. 19. election on Tuesday.

In contrast, the Masters raised only $8 million, more than half of which was raised by July 13, and won the primary by defeating businessman Jim Ramon and state attorney general Mark Brunovich. , had to rely on external funding. Last month of the campaign.

Masters struggled to raise donations throughout the campaign, raising only $8 million. Kelly, by contrast, has raised over $80 million. (Associated Press)

After receiving $15 million in outside funding from Peter Thiel to lead him through the primary, it was decided between Thiel and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in the final stages of the campaign who would win the Masters. A dispute erupted over whether to financially support the Negotiations fell apart after Thiel suggested spending his $5 million each to support the Republican candidates, and the Senate Leadership Fund decided not to get involved further.

Signaling trouble, the Senate Leadership Fund canceled about $10 million in ads in late September, leaving other Republican groups to pick up the slack. Among them was Club For Growth, which spent another $5.5 million on October 28 to boost the Masters.

Notably, the Masters not only lost to Kerry but also failed to keep up with Republican Kari Lake, becoming a leading figure in the state’s Republican supporters in the final months. referred to Lake when he spoke with Masters on the phone days after he took part in a debate with Kelly, and did not give a satisfactory answer about election fraud in Trump’s eyes.

Former President Trump, who backed Masters, criticized him in a phone conversation with the candidate after being unimpressed with Masters’ answers about election fraud during a debate with Kelly.

“I heard you had a great result in the debate, [had] Bad election answer. … I got a lot of support. You have to be with those people.

“Look at Kali. She says the election was rigged and stolen,” the former president told Masters. “If you soften, you lose. You lose that base.”

Arizona Democrats can turn their attention to replicating their 2020 presidential success in 2024.

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