Mangata Networks establishes space engineering, manufacturing and operations hub in Scotland

Satellite-enabled cloud services company Mangata Networks has chosen Scotland for its R&D activities, satellite manufacturing, space systems and core network operations.

Up to 575 new jobs will be created over the next few years as part of Mangata’s state-of-the-art engineering and operations hub for satellite manufacturing and operations at Ayrshire’s Prestwick International Aerospace Park.

Scottish Deputy Prime Minister John Sweeney said:

“This will open up new avenues in the satellite manufacturing supply chain, as well as substantial highly skilled job opportunities, helping position Scotland as a leading center for space and manufacturing innovation. It supports the objectives of our space strategy.”

Mangata Networks CEO Brian Holz said: We are very pleased to have Mangata’s core product development, satellite manufacturing and network operations teams in our state-of-the-art facility in Prestwick.

“We will use this facility to deliver our satellite connectivity and intelligent edge computing solutions to enterprises around the world. Mangata’s 32 satellites are almost at full capacity.As the business grows, Mangata’s network can be expanded to over 750 satellites.The factory will be a key enabler for the development of cost-effective space technology. , so we can expand and offer it to markets that really need it.”

The hub is backed by an innovative funding and support package from public sector partners, with a total of over £83.7m from Scottish companies, the Scottish Government, the UK Government and South Ayrshire Council. The funding consists of £54.5m from Scottish Enterprise and £29.2m from the Ayrshire Growth Deal on commercial terms (i.e. this is not a grant), which will be repaid over the next 15 years. increase.

Adrian Gillespie, CEO of Scottish Enterprise, said: Mangata’s decision to locate this project in Ayrshire is a strong endorsement of the company’s ability to support and foster the future global industry. Not only will it bring hundreds of new quality jobs to people in Scotland, but it will also catalyze new supply chains, opening up opportunities and partnerships both nationally and internationally.

“We look forward to working closely with Mangata to bring a state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing facility to Prestwick International Aerospace Park.”

Juliette Neu, Chief Experience Officer at Mangata Networks, said: Mangata is passionate about connecting humanity around the world with systems that we develop in Scotland. In our exchanges in Scotland we have witnessed this same spirit serving the local and international community. They are very keen to help each other. That driving force is at the core of our shared values ​​and mission. “

The new Mangata facility will build and test more than 24 medium-sized satellites every three months and will become a key focus and asset for the Scottish and UK space sectors as well as a center of technology and innovation. . The facility is capable of qualifying, integrating and testing satellites up to 1500kg in size for space and launch environments. From this engineering hub, the company will establish an operations center to manage its satellite system and global network.

The majority of new jobs are highly paid and highly skilled technical engineering positions in product development, satellite design and manufacturing, and end-to-end operation of systems. Construction is slated to begin in early 2023, with the manufacturing and operations team moving in from late 2024.

Mangata builds global satellite communications networks using sustainable, cutting-edge technology. Designed to reach and connect any community, anywhere on the planet, it removes barriers and inequalities for up to 4 billion people without adequate internet access. It supports local content creation and enables sharing on a global basis.

Already home to Scotland’s largest and most established aerospace cluster, Prestwick is tapping into the burgeoning global commercial space market through an £80m investment from the Ayrshire Growth Accord to bring aerospace and space is focused on becoming a major center for England.

South Ayrshire Council Leader Martin Dowey said: We are very much looking forward to working with them and starting with hundreds of jobs to see the many benefits they bring to our communities.

“This is really great news because Mangata is exactly the company we want to attract to South Ayrshire. We aim to be right at the center of it all in the sector, which creates high-value jobs and exciting future careers for young people, especially in STEM-related opportunities, but also in broader support roles.

“The Council has now secured approval for a significant investment program to provide commercial workspaces in Prestwick. You can gain confidence that you can build it as a space cluster.

“We are already planning the first satellite launch from Prestwick Spaceport from spring 2024, and through a very ambitious space programme, we are on track to become Europe’s premier space hub.”

Mangata Networks COO Larry Schwartz said: Our facilities also include a network operations center to operate our end-to-end global communications network and a research and development center to develop intelligent micro-edge data centers. Having all these operations under one roof makes him extremely efficient in all aspects of technology development and operational networks. This is the key to providing customers with cost-effective, state-of-the-art networks, including intelligent edge computing and cloud service solutions.

“We look forward to working with local universities and companies, forging partnerships and integrating our technology into our network and product solutions. We will help you expand.”

Malcolm Offord, UK Government Minister for Scotland, said:

“The UK Government is investing £10m in these state-of-the-art facilities as part of its £32m support for Ayrshire’s space and aerospace programme.”

The technology will be deployed within Scotland and the networks created there will be tested with customers and used to incubate Scottish start-ups. These start-ups may benefit from Mangata’s investor contacts, have the opportunity to showcase their unique technologies and applications, and export them globally through Mangata’s network.

https://www.cloudcomputing-news.net/news/2022/dec/07/mangata-networks-to-set-up-space-engineering-manufacturing-and-operations-hub-in-scotland/ Mangata Networks establishes space engineering, manufacturing and operations hub in Scotland

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