Major record label sues Charter Communications again on suspicion of copyright infringement

A group of major record labels has filed a new proceeding against Charter Communications, claiming that the company was unable to address the copyright infringement of its subscribers’ music. And this isn’t the first time the label has sued a charter for the alleged behavior of its subscribers.

Complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for Colorado On July 26, Universal Music, EMI, Sony Music, and Warner Music, along with several subsidiaries, Charter, an Internet service provider as Spectrum, received “thousands of notices detailing subscriber misconduct. Nevertheless, he insisted on doing nothing. ” Despite a clear legal obligation to deal with a wide range of illegal downloads of copyrighted works on Internet services, and despite a previous proceeding by plaintiffs in similar acts. “

Of the same group The company sued the charter in 2019, Charter claims to have received notification that subscribers are using BitTorrent and other services to infringe music copyrights. Between March 24, 2013 and May 17, 2016, the charter “bent significant benefits from massive piracy by thousands of subscribers.” 2019 complaints Status.

The new complaint covers alleged infringements from July 26, 2018 to the present, and the label claims to have detected it while monitoring the charter network.

The label notified the charter and sent 150,000 infringement notices, including the unique IP address of the “Fragrant and Serial Infringer” numbered “tens of thousands” on the charter’s network, but the company Claims to be “blind” in the complaint. “

The charter did not immediately respond to the request for comment on Saturday.

The new proceedings are the latest attempt by a record label to hold ISPs accountable for cases of piracy by subscribers. In 2019, the label group won the championship $ 1 Billion Verdict Against Cox Communication is after the court has determined that the subscriber is responsible for infringing more than 10,000 musical works. Major record label sues Charter Communications again on suspicion of copyright infringement

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