MacBook Pro 2021 and Dell XPS 13: Four Major Differences

This is an old battle between the famous Dell XPS 13 and the newly improved Apple MacBook Pro. However, both offer excellent specs, so you may be wondering which one will win.

NS Apple MacBook Pro 2021 Recently announced at the Unleashed event, it unveiled an all-new chipset, boosting Apple’s best-performing laptop title ever.

NS Dell XPS 13 It’s been on the market for a little longer at this point, but it’s still a formidable enemy to Apple, and it’s a rare honor. 5/5 stars From us during the test.

Continue scrolling to see which one appears at the top based on the differences between these two laptops and your current knowledge of the two products.

Also, once you have your MacBook Pro ready for testing, we’ll update this page with final judgment, so check back later.


The most interesting feature of the MacBook Pro 2021 is its new features. M1 Pro When M1 Max Chipset. The new chip will be manufactured by Apple and will debut on the new MacBook. The M1 Pro is the default option, but if you want even faster, you can upgrade the 16-inch variation to the M1 Max (the most powerful of the two).

The MacBook Pro is especially aimed at creators. Chipsets need to enable fast performance even when performing high-intensity tasks such as video editing and 3D rendering.

Dell XPS 13 OLED

The Dell XPS 13 wasn’t created with creative in itself, but it’s included in Intel 11th generation processors with options between Intel Core i5-1135G7 or Intel Core i7-1185G7 chips. These should perform basic productivity tasks like dreams and easily handle most mid-level tasks. The review even states that it was able to handle more taxable applications such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Based on experience, don’t expect to do complex Vector work.

It’s not surprising that the MacBook Pro has a lot of processing power, but knowing that the XPS 13 can handle some of the high-intensity tasks makes you know if you’re the only one who occasionally gets involved in photo editing. It’s a good idea to keep it. It is covered.

Design and port

The designs of these two laptops are quite different. It’s not that shocking as it’s manufactured by two different brands.

The MacBook Pro even switched things by Apple’s standards.It has a smaller bezel than before and a notorious notch that we all grew up to hate, this is iPhone 13.. The Pro is also available in two sizes, 14 inches and 16 inches, the latter weighing as much as 2.2 kg.

Macbook Pro 2021 13

The Pro also includes three Thunderbolt 4 ports, even though it no longer has an Intel processor. You can get a laptop in 14 and 16 inch variations.

Thunderbolt is in the form of a USB-C port, but you can do much more. It can power your device and transfer data to 32Gbps over IP, making it a useful add-on if you need to move robust files from your laptop.

The Dell XPS 13, on the other hand, has a 13.3 inch Infinity Edge screen. That is, it has no notches at all and maintains a crisp look at 3.5K resolution.

The XPS 13 also supports two Thunderbolt 4 ports, but it’s not too shocking because it runs on Intel processors. The laptop is also skinny, lightweight and weighs only 1.16 kg, making it an excellent option for portable laptops. The MacBook Pro weighs 1.6 kg.

operating system

One of the most noticeable differences between Apple and Windows devices is the OS change. MacBook Pro macOS Monterey, Has been fully released today since it was in beta in July.

The updated OS includes Safari overhaul with the ability to group tabs, and universal to connect to Mac and iPad and use the same trackpad, mouse, and keyboard on both devices without the need for setup. There are new features such as controls.

Windows 10 is pre-installed on the XPS 13, but you are welcome to install it. Windows 11, Was fully released in early October.

Dell XPS 13 OLED

Dell actually recommends that users install Windows 11 Pro for their business, and all Windows 10 PCs are eligible for a free upgrade. Interestingly, the latest upgrade is reminiscent of macOS, with a central taskbar and app dock.

Performance has also improved from the last iteration, and Microsoft claims that updates are 40% faster and can be run automatically in the background to streamline the experience.


The MacBook Pro 2021 isn’t for people on a tight budget. The starting price for a 14-inch high-end laptop is £ 1899, and the starting price for a 16-inch unit is as high as £ 2399.

But keep in mind that the latest Pro isn’t for the consumer. You only need to buy it if you want to get the most out of the impressive amount of graphics power. This means that the MacBook Pro is primarily purchased and targets creatives rather than office workers.

The Dell XPS 13 has a much more standard price tag. From £ 899 to £ 999, this laptop is much more affordable and almost cheap considering the high-end features. MacBook Pro 2021 and Dell XPS 13: Four Major Differences

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