MacBook-loving Google employee claims there is no joy in Windows laptops

Some Windows laptops are nice. Others, not so much.


at workfeeling is important.

Not only that way boss manages employeesIt’s not just the way employees treat each other.

A sense of technology is also important.

You step into your new job and discover a bright, shiny, state-of-the-art computer on your desk. Sitting in a small cubicle adds to the excitement. Or a small space along a very large table.

This doesn’t seem to be the case for project managers at Amazon.

i have this business insider Release A former Amazon employee who now works at Google talks about his past experience with Jeff Bezos’ happy camp.

Also: Amazon thought this was a smart idea.the world shook its head

There was a terrible story of so-called infidelity. It’s a brilliant mix of frugality and stupidity that seems to affect too many businesses.

But one of the most bitter complaints came from a former Amazon product manager.Amazon didn’t seem to think these key employees were worth it MacBookInstead, I was given a “substandard Windows laptop.”

Just wondering which specific laptops these were. One person’s subpar is another’s “it works for me”.

However, this particular project manager described their pain this way: windows laptop Without joy there is no creativity, and without creativity what is the value of PM? ”

Also: Yes, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free.Method is as follows

I’m afraid some reactions will be triggered here.

Among them were, “Should product managers be creative? No, they just need to make sure the job gets done.”

Or, “Joy? Do you expect joy from your product manager?”

Or, “Expect joy? Do you work for Amazon?”

Or maybe: “You’re not one of those fanatical, cult Apple fan person, you? “

But how much of a product manager’s observations is based on perception, and how much on reality?

Also: HP launches laptops in a way even Apple wouldn’t dare

Microsoft has battled the image of painstaking laziness by creating its own products. surface brandThere may be many opinions about these devices, but they are not substandard. Creative, they mostly are.

In fact, the Surface brand was better than the Microsoft brand in that it represented something different from the traditional, forced, business-oriented obtuseness of Windows.

But what the company needs you to do is cheap windows laptopwhat does it really say?

The technology companies provide is a sign of respect for work and employees. It’s also a signal of how the company sees itself – especially if it’s a technology company.

However, you may be wondering what Google has to offer this product manager today. “Chromebooks’ is heard muttering.

No, the employee seems to have gotten a nice new one macbook Specs with excellent palatability.

it must explain why Google is so much fun now.

technically incorrect

https://www.zdnet.com/article/theres-no-joy-in-windows-laptops-claims-macbook-loving-google-employee/#ftag=RSSbaffb68 MacBook-loving Google employee claims there is no joy in Windows laptops

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