M1 MacBook owner reports unexpected screen cracks

Last year’s M1-powered MacBook was an impressive performer, but received various complaints. Apple Support Community When Reddit It suggests that the laptop may have some worrisome design flaws.

The details of each account are slightly different, but the wide strokes are generally the same.User terminates his use M1 MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, Close the lid and then go back later to find cracks on the screen, black lines, discoloration of the display, or all three.

A user said, “The screen cracked for no apparent reason.” M1 MacBook Air.. “At night, when I left my computer on my desk and opened it the next day, there were two small cracks on the right side of the screen that impaired screen functionality.”

One user reportedly did the same thing twice. “It happened again. It’s the second time in two months since I bought a MacAir.”

To make matters worse, there seems to be inconsistency in how Apple deals with flaws, with some victims reporting free repairs without questions and others with three-digit invoices. Is quoted.

9to5Mac Reader Ian Probert got something in the meantime and was asked for £ 570 for repairs in advance, but if Apple’s repairs reveal that he is not responsible for the damage, a refund will be given. Implied. It is not clear how such accusations will be distributed.

So far, there’s no official word from Apple about how widespread the problem is or what’s actually causing the problem, but according to some accounts, one possible cause is highlighted by support staff. It seems that it has been done.

“I contacted Apple’s Accreditation Center and said that Apple’s warranty wasn’t covered because it was a crack in the contact point, as if I had something as big as a rice berry between the screen and the keyboard.” Frustrated users are writing. They disagree with this. “It’s ridiculous because there was no such thing on the desk, the computer closed properly as usual, and it didn’t work all night.”

Another account has a similar description from the support staff. “I took my Mac to the Apple store and was immediately told,’I’ll tell you what I did here,’ and explained that I must have closed something,” the buyer wrote. “When I said it didn’t happen, they said I must have pushed it down or left it wrong.”

This sounds like anyone who remembers Apple knows Advise not to use webcam privacy shield This is because the MacBook reduces the clearance between the keyboard and the panel.

We contacted Apple about the nature of this issue and its extent. If you get a reply, I will update this work. M1 MacBook owner reports unexpected screen cracks

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