M & S Chairman Condemns Northern Ireland’s Post-EU Rules

Chairman Marks & Spencer, Archie NormanSupports government plans to overwrite parts of Northern Ireland Protocol after condemning the bureaucracy involved in transporting goods across the Irish border.

Norman describes BBC Radio 4 as follows: “At this time, wagons arriving in the Republic of Ireland need to carry a 700-page document. It takes eight hours to prepare the document. Some descriptors, especially animal product descriptors, are written in Latin. Must be a specific typeface. “

According to Norman, the driver’s time was increased by 30% and 13 additional veterinarians were hired at Motherwell to oversee the paperwork required for export to Ireland. Scotland,Costing Marks & Spencer About £ 30 million.

He states: It costs money.

“Marks & Spencer is a big company. It can do almost anything, even bureaucratic, but it’s impossible for a small artisan cheese maker or cake bakery to export any more.”

He added: “The British government has been very cautious about it. There was some hunching after the idea that there might be some opportunity. Brexit, May deviate in the future, and of course the EU is not ready to consider it. “

Norman also warned about the cost of living expenses in the future as he predicted inflation to reach 10%.

He states: “Crunch isn’t now, it’s the fall when people come back from vacation, so spend money and the kittens have nothing left.” M & S Chairman Condemns Northern Ireland’s Post-EU Rules

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