Lucid’s limited edition Air EV with 520 miles of EPA equivalent to Tesla rang

Lucid revealed the first EPA scope. Limited Edition Air EV And it’s very impressive. The Air Dream Edition Range will advance 520 miles at a rate that “provides an additional range of at least 100 miles for its closest competitor,” the company said. According to Lucid, the tested model “currently ranks in the top six in EV’s overall EPA range rating.”

Both Air Dream Edition models (range and performance) offer a 113kWh battery pack — significantly larger than the 100kW used in the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus — but the company has that much range. I said it wasn’t due to.

Peter Rawlinson, CEO / CTO of Lucido, said: [battery management system] Technology, miniaturized drive unit, combination with Wunderbox [drivetrain] Technology brings Lucid Air ultra-efficiency, allowing it to travel more distances from less battery energy. ”

Lucid Motors

The very low 0.21 drag coefficient of air can be useful, especially on highways. Comparing the EPA range with battery size, the range model offers 4.6 miles / kWh compared to the Tesla Model S’s long range of 4.01 miles / kWh.

Despite the name, the range model does not sacrifice performance. Still, it kicks from 0 to 60 MPH in 2.7 seconds, providing enough 933 horsepower to reach a top speed of 168 MPH. The 1,111-horsepower performance version, on the other hand, runs 471 miles for a fee, while the 800-horsepower Lucid Air Grand Touring runs 516 miles. The tests were done on 19-inch wheels, and all models use 21-inch wheels for significantly shorter travel distances (although they probably look cool).

However, its range and performance do cost money. The Air Dream Edition model, released in limited production of 500 and first arriving on the market, starts at $ 169,000. The Air Grand Touring model will later appear for $ 139,000, followed by the $ 95,000 Air Touring, and finally the base Sub $ 80,000 Air. However, when it will be released is still an open issue. Lucid recently promised late 2021 for the first limited edition model, but already Missed Number of previous deadlines.

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