London-based Numan has £ 30m in his bag to eliminate the taboo of male sexual health

Sexual health is often considered a private issue, and men usually have a hard time discussing it. There are also prominent stigmas associated with male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation.Digital platform for men’s health Numan Is helping men with their personal problems and has raised £ 30m in a Series B funding round.

Financing and business growth

Numan’s latest funding round was led by White Star Capital and was attended by the company’s existing investors Novator, Vostok New Global, Anthemis Exponential and Colle Capital, and new investor Hanwha Dream Fund. The latest funding round will follow the company’s £ 10m Series A funding in October 2019.

In a conversation with UKTN, Numan CEO Sokratis Papafloratos said the latest funding will be used to grow the startup’s business. It will also be used to further develop the digital health technology platform, recruit talent in all departments and expand the company beyond the UK. Currently, Numan employs more than 100 people in the United Kingdom, Greece, Sweden and beyond. “We have plenty of room for growth with a new office in central London. The career page has many open roles,” Papafloratos adds.

Numan aims to be a perfect health partner for men, with coverage of a number of therapeutic areas that generally affect men. “We are particularly focused on areas where we can complement existing healthcare services, and we plan to roll out new products and services in the new year,” said Papafloratos.

Eric Martineau-Fortin, Founder and Managing Partner of White Star Capital, commented: Numan’s digital products help men manage their health carefully and decisively. We are very excited about Sokratis and his team and look forward to working with them as they grow up. “

Deal with the problem carefully

Dispelling the stigma associated with a particular subject can be difficult. But Numan’s vision is to do just that and break the taboo on sensitive male health topics such as erectile dysfunction, hair loss and premature ejaculation. These issues can be difficult for men to discuss and speak openly and are not a threat, but they can certainly affect someone’s quality of life.

“What we do, and what we always aim for, is to provide easy solutions to sensitive problems and to provide careful treatment to men throughout the UK. Since then, we have been at home. We’ve expanded to include blood tests, quitting aids, supplements, and intestinal health treatments, “says Papafloratos.

Numan offers a subscription-based service that provides both prescription and non-prescription treatments to members throughout the UK. The company does all of this online because common male health problems can be assessed online without the need for direct doctor appointments or pharmacy visits.

“Our service is unique in the sense that it doesn’t let patients understand it for themselves. We have clinical hands to guide and inform people to make the best decisions for their health. I have a doctor. We are not holding hands, but we are there to provide end-to-end support as needed, “says Papafloratos.

The future of consultation

The rapid digitization of most services does not yet tell us what the future holds. Medical consultation Hold. However, Papafloratos believes that adaptability is everything, as consultations are shifting to different channels and communication modes to best meet the needs of patients.

“The guidance, support and personalization of our services is very much based on the consulting part of Numan. The wider and deeper our suggestions and treatments, the more meaningful and timely consultation. It will be, “says Papafloratos. London-based Numan has £ 30m in his bag to eliminate the taboo of male sexual health

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