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When shopping online groceries over a pandemic, I’m always wondering if homemade meal items would be automatically collected if the supermarket didn’t offer a simple “recipe” feature. I was thinking. It seemed like I missed an opportunity. But it’s not overlooked anymore.

Lollipop AIThe new UK online grocery market is launching a public beta today to do that. It was created by the successful British startups Osper, Monzo, and the serial British entrepreneur who was there at the start of Curve.

Founder and CEO Tom Foster-Carter envisioned a platform that could plan meals from recipes, automatically assemble ingredients into shopping carts, and suggest the rest of the household’s essentials. He says he can help health goals, improve cooking skills and minimize food waste. Built as a marketplace, we will partner with Sainsbury’s and BBC Good Food and more partners to complete the fulfillment by our retail partners. This business model collects a small fee from retail partners and allows selected ads from CPG brand owners and others, as well as paid premium tiers later this year.

The site is free to use while the premium tier is planned. The first 10,000 beta testers who sign up for the waiting list will be offered access to “lifetime” premium features, says startups that offer prices at the same rates as regular supermarkets. ..

Foster Carter, who realized that after giving birth, spending hours trying to use a regular supermarket, said this approach could save hours a week in the average home. (It’s easy to overlook the fact that a man had to create a site like this after going to a weekly shop …). Lollipop claims that 80% of households spend more than an hour a week planning meals and shopping for groceries online.

Lollipop Meal Planner

The founding team includes former employees of Monzo, Farmdrop, Amazon, Sainsbury’s and HelloFresh, including co-founders Chris Parsons and Ib Warnerbring.

Foster-Carter is shy about how much it has raised for this approach, but is backed by “food / tech tycoons” including JamJar Investments, Speedinvest, and Ian Marsh (former UK). It is said that the raft round was procured. HelloFresh’s GM) and former leaders and founders of online grocery stores in the UK and abroad, as well as Charles Songhurst and Ed Lando of “Super Angel”.

In particular, this site may appeal to people who want to lose weight, as it simplifies diet planning and can also affect recipe box startups.

Lollipop is not the only ambition. in the United States calls itself “autopilot groceries.” Jow is recipe-driven shopping, as is Side Chef. Cooklist is also a meal planner + cooking support in the United States.

Foster-Carter tells me: (Odd Box, Milk, etc.); Recipe Box (Gust, HelloFresh, Mindful Chef, etc.); Fast Delivery (Gorillas, Getir, Weezy, etc.). “

He states: “This is just the beginning … the plan is to be a single place to meet all your food needs. We will be able to order Deliveroo or restaurant kits (such as Dishpatch) from us. Food is our partner When it’s time to cook, you’ll be able to use the Cooking Companion app (coming next month). In the future, you’ll be able to improve your cooking skills through lollipops. “

Even Amazon has few players who have nailed the ability to buy lots of items (50-100 +) really fast. This could be a lollipop USP. Lollipop AI has launched an online grocery market where you can create your own recipes – TechCrunch

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