Loki Episode 2 Summary, Ys Star Egg: Naughty God Hunts Herself Through Timeline

Loki has a tense team with Hunter B-15.

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Loki Episode 2 Self-titled solo adventure on Disney plus After introducing everyone’s favorite mischievous god Time Variance AuthorityGreat power.The· Marvel Cinematic Universe The show follows the beloved villain 2012 self triggered by his sneaky escape To Avengers: Endgame..

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) Discovered that another version of him is causing havoc throughout the holy timeline by slaughtering a team of TVA agents and collecting reset fees used to maintain proper time flow. Did. Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) Recruit him to hunt variants, inferring that he can give them insights into other Loki’s evil plans.

Time to hunt the fugitive timeline in spoiler territory Episode titled The Variant..

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Lady Loki

After a lot of teasing as other Loki variants hijacked one after another, the episode ends with a revelation that the fugitive is a woman (British actor). Sophia di Martino). Men seem to have nothing to do with women’s plans, but it certainly makes it easier to distinguish Loki’s.

MCU Lady Loki

Loki’s variant says goodbye to her opponent.

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“This isn’t about you,” she tells him.

Mrs. Loki disappears into the Time Portal-perhaps finds another apocalypse to hide-and her male counterpart follows many of the regrets of Mobius and other TVA agents after the moment of decision. The portal remained open long enough for Loki to dive in. This suggests that Mrs. Loki wants to continue chatting (the possibility they have a full scene together is very exciting).

She also knows the location of the timekeepers, according to the POW TVA agents, so she may be planning a direct attack on them.

loki-queen of mischief

The mischievous mistress has a cartoon precedent.

Marvel comics

In the comics, the Asgards were reborn on Earth after Ragnarok and Loki. In the shape of a woman Because of his frost giant heritage. She claimed to have reformed, but it didn’t really help because Loki would be Loki regardless of gender.

Loki’s gender is also marked “Fluid” in his TVA file, Suggesting that he can change freely. Therefore, Mrs. Loki probably does not have a completely different history than men.

While the MCU Lady Loki is presented as a bit of a villain, Time-Keepers dominates reality with an iron fist by maintaining a holy timeline and determining the fate of all beings that exist. Maybe she decided to fight back?Bonnie Tyler’s 1984 Classic Use Do your best for the hero Seems like a big clue when she defeats a TVA agent.

And now you have a killer tune to listen to when you are reading.Oddly, this is the second time this song has been used on Marvel-it was the release of E3. Square Enix Guardians of the Galaxy Sunday match. Outside of Marvel Trailer of Kevin Smith’s Space Master last week.

Women Not really a variant of Loki -According to the episode’s overseas market credits, Di Martino plays “Silvie” instead of “The Variant”. Some fans suspect that the name and blonde hair are actually looking at the MCU version of Sylvie Rushton, also known as Enchantress. For the sake of simplicity, I will continue to call her Lady Loki for now.

Loki's Holy Timeline Brunch

MCU fans will definitely be intrigued by the 2301 Vormir and 2004 Asgard branches.

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The multiverse is reborn

Lady Loki “bombs the holy timeline” by sending back a myriad of stolen reset charges to various points, and TVA appears to be creating and restoring a large number of previously reset branches.This shattered timeline seems to be directly connected Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Set Other elements of Phase 4 of the MCU, Because it creates endless storytelling possibilities. Reportedly Spider-Man: No Way Home In the same way.

Which one Various What If reality, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Universe Or Fox X-Men world?

Learning Ragnarok

Examining his own file on his holy timeline, Loki learns about the destruction of Asgard Thor: Ragnarok..A total of 9,719 Asgards were killed, but the file does not state that many of them fled to Earth (half of the survivors). Killed by Thanos and his companions).

Loki realizes that he is “hidden in the apocalypse,” but seems really sad to see the house destroyed.He seems to be growing between discovering it, the death of his adoptive parents, the reconciliation with Thor, and his heroic death at the hands of Thanos. The character who became the self of his holy timeline.. Or he refuses it and goes his own way.

In any case, it probably made him even more determined to overthrow the tyranny of the timekeeper and change his destiny.

Only great TVA agent

Since Mobius has never met a timekeeper, it turns out that he spends his life bidding on invisible beings. They don’t seem to be what he thinks and he will join Lokis to rebel against them.

His fascination with jet skiing speaks for itself-he could fly around the timeline, but not one of his recreational watercraft. Because of all the power he exercises, he is still bound by the rules of the timekeeper.

“I think a branch will certainly be created when a TVA agent appears on a jet ski on the Sacred Timeline,” he says, but sadly admits that it’s “really fun” to try (confirm). I can do it). ..

Sad Mobius and Loki

Mobius talks wistfully about jet skis.

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This guy is better off riding a jet ski before the series is complete. Otherwise, the MCU has no justice.

Again, he’s the only TVA agent to show compassion for the people the agent is destined to encounter on the timeline-his colleagues look like rough and boring jerks (perhaps reflecting the attitude of the timekeeper). doing). The dignity of Mobius also seems to have scraped off Loki. Loki sees if those who are fascinated by him are still alive.

Observations, WTF questions, Easter eggs

  • Years visited: 1985, 79 AD, 2050.
  • The cyclist who won the Tour de France, Hell boyStyle version (or is he injecting gamma rays?), Baphomet-A man who looks and a man in armor like Cargan wore Highlander..
  • The Roxxcart store is probably a derivative of Roxxon, a ruthless oil company that can be seen more prominently in the background of MCU movies and in shows such as: SHIELD agent.. , Agent Carter And Cloak & Dagger..
  • Given the detailed description of Loki’s illusion projection and replication casting, he will probably use at least one during the show.
  • The pen that Mobius uses to sign documents at Lavona’s office says “Franklin D. Roosevelt High School,” but it’s unclear what this means. Other trophies he mentions are roller skates and snow globes.
  • It’s possible that the TVA agent can reset some timeline branches and restore some holy timelines, but it seems too much to handle.
  • Some of the most interesting branches are 0051 Hara (Cree’s Hometown), 1001 Zander (Nova Army Police Headquarters), 1382 Ego (Starlord’s Heavenly Father), 1982 Titan (Thanos’ Hometown), 1984 Sakar (Thor: (From Ragnarok), 2004 Asgard (you know this) and 2301 Vormir (Soulstone resting place), but you are unlikely to visit any of these places.

Join us for more easter eggs and observations Next Wednesday, June 23, When Loki’s Episode 3 hits Disney Plus.

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2:33 Loki Episode 2 Summary, Ys Star Egg: Naughty God Hunts Herself Through Timeline

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