Logitech’s new Zone True Wireless earphones are on the business

Available in rose or graphite colors, Zone True Wireless earphones will ship this fall and cost $ 299.

David Carnoy / CNET

A Twitter user recently contacted me and asked if they knew a true wireless earphone with a mute button dedicated to video conferencing calls. Confused by the question, we’re giving you a pre-orderable virtual briefing for Logitech’s new Zone True Wireless ($ 299, £ 299, AU $ 375) and Zone Wired earphones ($ 99, £ 90, AU $ 127). It was planned. Today, it won’t ship until this fall. I knew they were the buds of “business,” so the first question I asked Logitech was if they (especially Zone True Wireless) had their own mute button.

Indeed, they do. Equally important, both models are designed to provide professional call quality and sound in an unobtrusive design without making you look like you’re working in a call center (don’t worry about the look). But for some people it’s a big problem.) In addition, according to Logitech, the two new earphones are “the first targets to be certified on all three major cloud video conferencing platforms, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.”

I haven’t tried Zone True Wireless yet, but I did a video briefing with a Logitech representative who was wearing a bud and had a clear voice. In the case of wireless buds, entering business class is not only to pair with Bluetooth to provide multipoint Bluetooth pairing (to allow two devices to be paired at the same time), but also USB-C / USB- Is included. A receiver that connects to a computer for a more reliable wireless connection. “It’s easy to join video conferencing and phone calls, and it’s easy to move between two devices.” Logitech says.


The case is similar to the Jaybird Vista 2 case (Logitech owns Jaybird).


Zone True Wireless is an active noise-cancelling earphone with a “premium” noise-cancelling microphone (according to Logitech, it should block background noise very well). For clarity, these can be used to make phone calls or listen to music on the phone on the go. It is also waterproof and dustproof (IP68) so you can work. The case is also water resistant and is IP54 rated.

When listening to music, battery life is estimated to be up to 7 hours with noise cancellation turned on and up to 12 hours with noise cancellation turned off. Talk time is rated at 6 hours with noise cancellation turned on and 6.5 hours with noise cancellation turned off.

Logitech owns Jaybird and the case is similar to the one that came with it. Jaybird Vista 2 Bud. Zone True Wireless earphones are available in two colors, graphite and rose.

Once you have the review samples for both Zone True Wireless and Zone Wired earphones, you can make an impression of their fit and performance. The latter model offers a plug-and-play solution with USB-A and USB-C connections in addition to the standard 3.5mm headphone connector option. Logitech’s new Zone True Wireless earphones are on the business

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