Logitech’s latest wireless earphones are certified by Zoom, Microsoft, and Google

Logitech has announced several new wireless (and wired) earphones with some unique features designed for business professionals. The company says its flagship product is the Zone True Wireless earphones, which were first certified by three major video conferencing platforms: Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. Another unique feature is that it supports Logitech’s wireless USB receiver as well as Bluetooth, so it works on almost any smartphone or computer and you can easily switch between devices.

According to Logitech, the wireless pad comes with active noise canceling (ANC) and a noise canceling microphone to ensure high quality sound during a call. Also, unlike bulky wireless headsets designed for business (such as Logitech’s own headset). Zone model), Designed to provide a “stylish look” during Zoom and other conference calls. Logitech also promises “twice the battery life of major consumer devices,” but it doesn’t make sense without the numbers to back it up.


“Current wireless solutions require consumers to compromise between traditional headsets that don’t look good on video calls or suboptimal audio performance,” said Scott Wharton, VP of Logitech. .. Of course, the audio quality hasn’t been heard and reviewed yet, but it certainly looks better than most business headsets.

In addition to the Zone True Wireless model, Logitech has also debuted Zone Wired Earbuds, “for professionals and teams who need professional-grade plug-and-play options.” You can connect to your computer or mobile device via USB-C, USB-A, 3.5mm connectors.

Zone True Wireless earphones are available in two colors, graphite and rose, but don’t get cheaper at $ 299. Zone Wired Earbuds, on the other hand, sell for $ 99. Both will arrive worldwide in the fall of 2021.

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