Lockheed Martin’s IT recruitment activity fell 0.3% in June 2021.

According to GlobalData’s Job Analytics, Lockheed Martin’s IT hiring, a US-based company, fell 0.3% in June 2021 compared to the previous month.

The company’s overall recruitment activity decreased by 1.76% in June 2021 compared to May 2021.

IT jobs claimed a 33.42% share of the company’s total employment activity in June 2021 and recorded a 1.05% growth over the average share over the last three months.

Software and web developers, programmers, and testers surpassed Lockheed Martin’s IT adoption in June 2021.

Of the total number of IT occupations posted by Lockheed Martin, software and web developers, programmers and testers emerged as the main occupations, recording a 47.65% share in June 2021 and 21.86% in May 2021. Recorded a decrease in. Research scientists claimed a 26.27% share in June 2021 and recorded a decrease of 8.84%. Database and network administrators and architects held a 15.1% share in June 2021 and increased 5.48% from May 2021.

Lockheed Martin Promotes IT Adoption in North America

North America emerged in June 2021 as a major region for global aerospace, defense and security IT recruitment activities, gaining a 99.8% share and down 13.29% from the previous month.

Next, Latin America recorded a decrease of 0.2%, a decrease of 50% from the previous month.

With a 99.41% share in June 2021, the United States had a leading presence in IT recruitment activities in the region’s aerospace, defense and security industries, down 13.48% compared to May 2021. Month. Puerto Rico recorded a 0.2% share, down 50% compared to May 2021.

Junior-level work led Lockheed Martin’s IT recruitment efforts in June 2021

Junior-level jobs have a 60.39% share, down 20.41% from May 2021. Mid-level positions have a 32.94% share, down 6.15% from the previous month.

Entry-level classified ads came in third with a 6.47% share, up 57.14% from May 2021. On the other hand, senior posts accounted for 0.2%, a 50% decrease from the previous month.


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