Locations available in the £ 120m technology framework with Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water invites suppliers to bid on the £ 120m technology delivery framework that “provides most of the technology maintenance and enhancement projects.”

The framework is divided into two lots, the first focusing on end-to-end program delivery and the second focusing on software and hardware resale management.

Lot 1 includes, but is not limited to: “Development, design, construction, implementation, configuration, integration, testing, hypercare, ongoing application support and maintenance, primary and secondary support and operational support for advisory services and strategies.”

Lot 1 contracts may be awarded “for the entire work program” or for “individual services” to meet “smaller stand-alone requirements”.

On the other hand, “Hardware and Software Selection Services, Hardware and Software Resale (including Professional Services, Support and Maintenance), Hardware and Software Update Management” are the requirements listed in the second lot.

“Lot 2 may be awarded a preferred supplier to manage the continuous renewal and resale of additional software, licenses, and products for existing hardware and software solutions throughout the utility premises.” Said the bidder.

“Lot 2 providers identify new hardware and software solutions based on utility requirements, and then resell and resell selected solutions such as licenses, products, support, maintenance services, and professional services required for configuration / implementation. Manage continuous updates.

“In addition, the Lot 2 provider manages continuous updates of hardware and software solutions procured through Lot 1.”

Severn Trent Water will hold a PIN workshop on Thursday, July 15th. In this workshop, prospective bidders will be invited to learn more about the framework and participate in individual feedback sessions.

Please see the bid Learn more about. Locations available in the £ 120m technology framework with Severn Trent Water

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