Local Volunteer Fire Brigade Seeks Community Cooperation

Mobile, Alabama (WKRGMore) — A local volunteer fire brigade asks for donations of bottled water.

“When you’re in 600-degree heat, your body evaporates water like crazy,” said Dale Potts, captain of the Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department.

Volunteer fire departments receive only funds from the fire district for the purchase of equipment such as trucks and equipment. If supplies such as first aid, cleaning supplies and water are needed, they will be covered by the volunteers themselves.

“It’s necessary for me to help my neighbors,” Potts said.

During the summer months, volunteers can spend hours fighting fires, increasing the need for bottled water.

Volunteers not only survived the heat of the fire, but also wore equipment that weighed about 80 pounds.

Potts worries about how volunteers will cope in an emergency without proper hydration.

“We haven’t been able to go out and help our communities enough,” Potts said.

To donate a station, ask the station to bring a donation.

Local volunteer fire departments accepting donations are:

  • Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department, 1180 Lott Rd, Chuntura, Alabama
  • McIntosh Volunteer Fire Department, 109 River Rd West, McIntosh, Alabama
  • Fruitdale Volunteer Fire Department
  • Milley Fire Station

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