Local vendors and brewery owners upset after unexpected charges during Tardi Gras festival – WKRG News 5

Mobile, Alabama (WKRG)-Local vendors and brewery owners are upset after unexpected charges during the Tardigra festival.

“It was a ridiculous scenario and situation for everyone.” That’s how John Selda described the situation on Friday night.

The vendor, which was founded in Serda during TardiGras on Friday, was booming until the revenue department staff appeared in the middle of sales. John continues. “I saw three city officials and police officers closing people because they didn’t have a license for the special event they were supposed to have.

These revenue earners who told vendors to shut down or pay a $ 100 special event fee were one of those who got cash from Reginald Williams with P & L seafood. “At the same time, I was embarrassed because I had to stop paying for the city of mobile because there were people by the window cooking. Before people were waiting for food.”

We went to the city with the concerns of these vendors and got results. The city says the cause is a lack of communication with the Revenue Department on how to enforce vendor rules. Only one officer was on the scene due to the complaint.

“The Friday parade was a festive and unique event, and all participating departments were instructed to take a soft approach to enforcement unless necessary for public safety. It included the City of Mobile Revenue Department, which was supposed to provide one officer to respond only when needed. However, these instructions were not implemented. The vendor requires special event permission. All fines issued by Revenue for not having a license for a special event last Friday will be refunded because they were not notified. “

James Barber, Chief of Staff, Mayor of Stimpson

But the affected people don’t feel important now. “It shouldn’t have happened in the first place, so for me I can keep it and point it at something else,” Reginald said. John agreed. “Sadly, they lost a lot of money when they told them they had to pay and leave, so everything they would have earned during the Mardigra event they lost. Money. “

Selda owners and those sellers who now want the city to speak out more in the future to avoid this type of incident and loss of business. “I’m very grateful that the city wore it, but it should have boosted the economy and boosted small businesses. I understood it until they came and started closing people. Didn’t. Why are you kicking these people while they’re down? They’re trying to get back from the money lost during the covid. “ Local vendors and brewery owners upset after unexpected charges during Tardi Gras festival – WKRG News 5

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