Local plumbers warn of pipe bursts due to temperature extremes

Mobile, Alabama (WKRGMore) — The forecast calls for a significant drop in temperatures this coming Thursday. Temperatures plummet to their lowest readings so far this season.

Mobile Roto-Router plumbers and managers Greg Smith and Trey Gardner say that extreme temperatures can cause water pipes in homes, buildings, or other dwellings to freeze. . Frozen water in pipes can burst, causing hundreds of dollars in damage.

They said that “off-the-ground” homes would be most affected by this problem. increase.

Both plumbers said it was important to turn off the water to the home and remember to drain the pipes to relieve the pressure. They said they couldn’t fix it until the pipe melted.

Gardner said the last time this happened, there were more calls than people serving everyone.

“So the last time the phone rang, it was ringing non-stop for two or three days,” says Gardner. “Hundreds of water pipes have been broken, hundreds of people have called, and we get where we can. We are doing our best to serve as many people as possible.”

Smith explains how to turn off the water to your home using a set of tools readily available at your local hardware store.

“We dug up this water meter. This valve is always on the street side. This is the meter over here that shows how much water we use per month. It’s in between, and then there’s the valve, which to us is called the curb or valve, and if you want the water to stop, make sure it’s lined up right away. And now it’s not perfect, but it’s perfect, and that valve is against the pipe, which means the water isn’t flowing, and you go home and turn on the hose bib If no water comes out of the hose bib, you know you turned it off correctly.”

Greg Smith

Gardner explains that once the water is turned off, go ahead and turn off any faucets like those attached to hoses.

“When you remove the hose, the water stops on the street,” Gardner explained while draining excess water from the faucet. If you want to come here, turn the knob to the left to release the pressure. Since it’s on the street, it eventually runs out of water. “

Gardner told us to use water in moderation this weekend.

“Most of the time we’ll have to turn off the water at night this weekend. It’s going to be cold in the morning,” Gardner said. “But if I can just turn it off at night, turn it on the next morning, do what I have to do, and then turn it off, I’ll be fine.”

Another way to prevent pipes from bursting is to open your cabinets and keep your home above 55 degrees.

Gardner and Smith asked if we were planning to travel to stop the water this vacation weekend.

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