listen! Would you like to start a podcast?4 tips that can make or break it

Whether you’re an ambitious show host or someone who types in “What is a podcast?” Visit the search bar to check out the latest podcasts.This episode of Kim Command explains Your one-stop shop for everything related to audio.

If you’re a longtime fan of Kim Commando, you know she’s been in the radio industry for decades. In this episode, she analyzes some of the most important lessons she has learned over the years. (Some of these stories are also surprisingly interesting. You meet some colorful characters in the broadcast world.)

Not only that, but audio expert Valerie Geller has also contacted us. She is an international broadcast consultant with a low-cost, high-profit strategy for a successful podcast.

Remember: Who You can create a podcast … especially if you follow these tips for success. So whether you’re buying the best podcast equipment or want to know more about the most interesting podcasts to listen to, listen to this episode. Learn a lot of amazing insider secrets about this huge industry!

Rule 1: Don’t get bored

The key is to establish storytelling skills. Valerie Geller gave amazing advice in this episode. She says there is no boring story, only a boring narrator. You need to master the art of audio while telling a story in a fascinating way.

Ambitious podcasters should also Learn how to get the attention of your audience with just the voice. After all, you can’t use gestures or body language to understand your claim.

It’s a difficult skill to master, but Kim and Valerie can help. They share personal experiences like success stories to mistakes you absolutely must avoid.

This is one. Don’t use the word “break” in your podcast. Often, the host will say something like “I’ll be back after a break.” Even Kim does it. According to Valerie, this is a takeover from the television broadcast, where the show is actually interrupted and something else (such as a commercial) is performed instead.

For podcasts, a “break” signals the listener out. That’s time to tune out, turn off podcasts, and move to another location.

Instead, focus on upcoming appointments. Use phrases such as “Next, we’re discussing the best way to increase viewership.” It attracts listeners and keeps them in sync.

Want to be a better storyteller?

Listen to this episode. Learn how podcasts work, why podcasts take over, and how to turn your podcast ideas into a successful show.

And this is the coolest part. Maybe you don’t want to start a podcaster, not a podcaster. Valerie and Kim’s tips still apply to those who want to talk to friends and family in a compelling way, even in everyday life.

This is a must-see episode. If you learn something new, leave a nice review. It helps others find a description of Kim Command. listen! Would you like to start a podcast?4 tips that can make or break it

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