Link sharing service Linktree suddenly blocks sex workers

Yet another service has kicked sex workers out of the platform.according to Motherboard, Linktree is a tool that allows you to share multiple links online with one URL and launches it all night without warning to sex workers. Banned users have accessed social networks such as Twitter and announced that their account was banned “due to improper use” and did not receive emails or notifications. The service was reportedly priced at $ 9 per month for the Pro tier, but wasn’t refunded if the account was canceled.

Marlene Bonnelly, Head of Trust & Safety at Linktree, told the publication that banned accounts share URLs that violate community standards. Bonnery’s statement is as follows:

“By our policy, banned Linktree accounts were due to sharing URLs that violated community standards by sharing ads for the sale of real sexual services.”

Sex workers rely on tools such as Linktree because some platforms do not allow direct links to adult websites such as OnlyFans. Perhaps more importantly, we need to diversify with multiple websites because we don’t know when the service will suddenly decide to ban adult content.

Financial services such as PayPal, Visa and MasterCard have long been known for closing accounts for people in the sex industry. Patreon banned content of sexual nature in 2017 and decided not to host sex workers The number of services and their content has increased since the U.S. government passed FOSTA-SESTA a few years ago. increase. Even OnlyFans, which has become synonymous with adult content, sought to ban “sexually explicit acts” in 2021 until it suspended planned policy changes.

Linktree’s Terms of Service stipulate that users must not include sexually explicit content (including photos or languages) in the page itself or in the account itself. However, it’s unclear whether links to websites like OnlyFans have always violated that rule, and it’s not entirely clear. It’s also unclear why Linktree suddenly started banning sex workers when they had been using the service for quite some time, but people in the sex business may want to find another link-sharing tool they can use. not.

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