LEM has opened a new office in Sofia to mark the 10th anniversary of its presence in Bulgaria.

LEM, a specialist in electrical measurement technology, has opened a new green certified office in the city center of Sofia to mark the 10th anniversary of its operations in Bulgaria. The 1000 square meter site accommodates up to 65 people, most of whom are engaged in research and development, especially software development.

Over the last ten years, LEM Bulgaria has built a team of 440 employees. Most of it will remain in LEM’s existing production plants. The facility creates more space for expanding operations. In addition to the existing lines of automation and energy distribution products, new facilities will be added for manufacturing automotive products.

Sustainability was essential in choosing the new office location, dubbed ‘Business Garden Office X’. The facility has already won the ‘Best Building of the Year’ award for its environmental certification, design and functionality, contribution to society and the urban environment, and quality of architecture and construction.

Mr. Rolf Ott – Vice President of the Embassy of Switzerland in Bulgaria HE Raymund Furrer – Ambassador of Switzerland to Bulgaria Verka Alexieva – General Manager of LEM Bulgaria Andreas Hürlimann – Chairman of the Board of LEM

LEM Bulgaria represents a significant part of LEM’s success over the past decade, during which it has significantly expanded its global production capacity, reaching a production capacity of 1 million units per month. A significant percentage of his LEM sales worldwide can be attributed to 30 different product families manufactured in Bulgaria, enabling mainly European customers to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. increase.Sophia is LEM 2nd It is the second largest product base after China, with other production bases in Switzerland and an additional factory under construction in Malaysia.

Bastien Musy, Senior Vice President, Europe/Americas, LEM, said: But we’ve done more than that. We have greatly enhanced Sophia’s R&D capabilities to develop many advanced products designed to meet the demanding market demands. We are also investing heavily to apply our expertise in electrical measurement technology to the rapidly expanding automotive sector. ”

General Manager of LEM Bulgaria Verka Alexieva added: Many of these students are beginning to find success as part of Sophia’s team and are excited to achieve even more at these brand new sustainable facilities. ”

LEM – Life Energy Movement

LEM, a leading company in electrical measurement, designs the best solutions for energy and mobility, ensuring customers’ systems are optimized, reliable and safe. His 1,500 people in over 15 countries turn technology’s possibilities into powerful answers. LEM works at the forefront of megahi trends such as renewable energy, mobility, automation and digitization, developing and recruiting the best global talent. Through its innovative electrical solutions,

LEM is helping customers and society accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1986, the company’s ticker symbol is his LEHN.


https://www.wnie.online/lem-marks-the-10th-anniversary-of-its-presence-in-bulgaria-with-a-new-office-in-sofia/ LEM has opened a new office in Sofia to mark the 10th anniversary of its presence in Bulgaria.

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