LEEA and EKH work together to benefit members – Engineering Update

The Association of Lifting Equipment Engineers (LEEA) and EKH (Erkende Keurbedrijven Hijs & Hefmiddelen) have announced that they have reached an agreement to ensure that the two organizations will work more closely together in the future, combining high standards and a wide range of combinations. .. Expertise to support each other’s membership.

LEEA is a global trade association representing more than 1200 members in more than 70 countries. EKH is the organization that oversees the lifting equipment inspection company with 65 members based in the Netherlands. Sharing similar values ​​and a combination of lifting professionals, they create synergies to realize their vision and move the industry forward.

LEEA CEO Ross Moloney said: “We are excited to work with EKH, an organization that appreciates and has the positive vision needed to support the global lifting industry. This move is beneficial to our members. In addition, it is to bring together a network of partners who can discuss enhanced standards around the world, an important aspect of LEEA’s international approach. “

Maarten van der Velden, EKH Chair and Treasurer, said: “We are excited to support EKH members through LEEA’s world-renowned gold standard products. EKH aims to raise standards for lift and hoist safety. With LEEA Through the partnership, we will strengthen our cooperation to reach the highest standards in the global lift industry as a whole. “


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