Leading Flexible Packaging Specialists Choose Stertil FastAction Doors #engineering # FastActionDoors @ Stertil

The world’s leading designers and developers of flexible packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry are responding to the installation of high-speed action doors provided and installed by StertilDoorProducts.

The Stertil high-speed action door, type FlexiEdge D-313 LF, effectively seals various corridors and isolates various operational areas within the company’s modern grounds. This restriction of airflow significantly limits the risk of contaminants that affect the integrity of the packaged product manufactured. With a size of 3500mm x 3500mm, this FlexiEdge model offers very low friction characteristics plus opening and closing speeds of 2.7m / s and 0.5m / s, respectively.

The FlexiEdge D-313 LF High Speed ​​Action Door incorporates a large full-width vision panel and fail-safe radar activation system for smooth movement and traffic of personnel, pedestrian-operated pallet trucks, and various wheeled luggage. Guarantee an increase. In addition, the door has a built-in battery-powered backup system that allows you to operate the door in the event of a mains failure.

FlexiEdge doors are designed to set new safety standards. The door curtains are completely flexible, with soft bottom edges and self-adjusting to seal uneven floors, as well as avoiding the possibility of injury to the user. In addition, by incorporating an infrared photocell that is mounted 300mm above the floor and supported by a wireless detector at the bottom, it instantly moves all doors when it detects obstacles of any kind. You can stop it. The flexible soft edge curtain also provides maximum resistance to vehicle collision damage. If the door edge is knocked out by a collision, the door edge will be automatically reinserted into the side guide when the door opens.

“The expansion of our FlexiEdge high-speed action door range has long been very popular in a wide range of industries and sciences,” said Andy Georgiou, General Manager of Stertil Door Products. “This latest installation is for the world’s leading pharmaceutical packaging specialists and symbolizes our ability to provide and install bespoke door solutions for the most difficult applications.”

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https://engineering-update.co.uk/2022/06/10/leading-flexible-packaging-specialist-chooses-stertil-fast-action-doors-engineering-fastactiondoors-stertil/ Leading Flexible Packaging Specialists Choose Stertil FastAction Doors #engineering # FastActionDoors @ Stertil

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