Lawsuit says Musk’s Twitter layoff unfairly targeted women

Carolina Bernal Stifling and Willow Wren Turkal filed a lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco challenging the mass layoffs, alleging that they discriminate against female employees.

the company announced mass layoffs days after Musk buys Twitter at $44 billion. The company told the employee that about half of its employees could lose their jobs, but he would still receive three months’ severance pay.

The proposed class action lawsuit alleges that Twitter fired 57% of its female employees, but only 47% of its male employees after Musk took over.

Women in engineering jobs were even more likely to be fired, with 63% of women being laid off compared to just 48% of men.

Even before the layoffs, Twitter seemed to be hiring more men overall, a not uncommon situation in the tech industry.

According to the complaint, “Elon Musk has made a number of publicly discriminatory statements about women, further confirming that the significant impact of mass layoffs on female employees is the result of discrimination.” [pdf].

Twitter has been charged with violating federal and California rules against sex discrimination in the workplace.

Shannon Rhys Riordan, the attorney representing the plaintiffs, said once Musk bought the company, the women “had a target on their backs,” regardless of their contributions or abilities.

Wren Turkal said at a press conference that he had seen acquisitions by other companies, but “never seen anything like this.”

“I have a family and children to feed.” she said.

“We are only looking for fairness. We are also concerned about our friends who are in a difficult situation financially or for visa reasons.”

Many former workers have filed lawsuits against Twitter since the layoffs were widespread.

One of the dismissed employees filed a lawsuit last month, alleging face mask demands for employees.”get incredibly hardcoreLong working hours have caused people with disabilities to quit their jobs.

There are also allegations that laid-off employees did not receive the promised severance pay or the legally required advance notice.

At least three employees have filed individual complaints against the company with the U.S. National Labor Relations Commission, alleging retaliation for demanding improved working conditions.

Since acquiring Musk, Twitter has faced some challenges. It was revealed this week that a temporary bedroom had been set up in a conference room at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. Musk’s ‘very hardcore’ work philosophy.

The San Francisco Building Inspectorate is currently investigating.

https://www.computing.co.uk/news/4061446/lawsuit-musks-twitter-layoffs-unfairly-targeted-women Lawsuit says Musk’s Twitter layoff unfairly targeted women

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