Las Vegas mother loses two children with COVID within a month – WKRG News 5

Las Vegas (KLAS) – Jaime Patrick is calling on everyone to be vaccinated after experiencing a broken heart of losing two children on COVID-19.

Patrick from North Las Vegas had to say goodbye to each other’s two children within a month.

“It seems very unfair,” Patrick said.

Her 39-year-old daughter Brandy died of COVID in July, and her son, 38-year-old Dustin, was admitted to the intensive care unit at Sunrise Hospital for the virus. Patrick’s son was in crisis when he spoke to KLAS last month, but he began to make small improvements.

“I said,’Dustin, Dustin, wake up. This is your mom,” Patrick recalls. “He actually opened his eyes and fluttered and looked at me correctly.”

But his lungs collapsed earlier this week, and doctors said there was nothing more they could do.

“There is nothing left in his lungs,” Patrick said. “Doctors said they were just two cement blocks. That’s the amount of scar tissue there for COVID.”

Neither of her children was vaccinated and Patrick feels he was able to prevent their death.

“That’s why it’s so important to be vaccinated,” Patrick urged. “Brandy and Dustin wouldn’t have been (in the hospital). They would have been home with me, and they couldn’t do that.”

Patrick was cut off from medical equipment after spending Wednesday night with his son. He died late Thursday morning.

“I just wanted a miracle,” Patrick said. “I didn’t do a miracle. That’s where most of my nights prayed to God.”

Patrick said he would be vaccinated as soon as he left the hospital when his son was able to communicate, but he said he never had the opportunity. Las Vegas mother loses two children with COVID within a month – WKRG News 5

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